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ATP and WTA Tour in Dubai

Posted by Admin on February 28, 2007


I can’t play tennis but I enjoy watching it. Though it is not my favorite sports, I still bought a ticket to watch the likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Justine Henin, Martina Hingis, Amelie Mauresmo and other seeded players in the world.

I realy enjoy posting the ticket because this is a gate pass to watch the big names in tennis.

WTP singles finals winner is Justine Henin who is the depending champion. ATP games are currently on a roll and will be concluded on Saturday, March 3, 2007. For more informations.


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Barangay Ginebra vs. Purefoods in Dubai

Posted by Admin on February 28, 2007

I’m an avid fan of Philippine basketball that’s why when the Philippines did not send a basketball team in the Doha Asian Games last December 2006 because of FIBA ban, I feel bad to our basketball officials. They are only thinking their own interest and not considering the joy it will give to basketball crazy OFWs not only in the Middle East but also in the whole world. However, this ban was already lifted and this is good news for Filipino basketball aficionados in Middle East.

Another good news for basketball bans particularly in Dubai is the staging of a game between the newly-crowned Philippine Cup champion Barangay Ginebra and my ever favorite Purefoods on April 13, 2006 at Al Ahli Sports Club. This will be the first time in PBA league history that a game will be held in Dubai. Manila Bulletin gives more details on this news.

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Filipina rape victim in Qatar

Posted by Admin on February 26, 2007

It’s realy hot temperatures makes us crazy here in the Middle East. Temperature as high as 45 degrees centigrade from the months of April to November is normal in Middle East. That’s way it’s not a wonder why middle east people’s image outside the arab world is as crazy as the face and character of Bin Ladin. Below statement of a Kabayan from Qatar hopes to convice you of my accusation.

Read this and weep (from Ellen Tordesillas blog)

Excerpts from the signed affidavit Filipina rape victim in Qatar. We will hide her identity under the name “Clara”.

Sometime in April 2005, my father suffered a second stroke and was unable to work since then. I wanted to be able to work in Oman in order to care and provide for my parents as I did not want them to return to the Philippines. This prompted me to seek for any job placement for Oman.Sometime in May 2005, I read Jinhel International Recruitment Agency’s (hereinafter, “Jinhel”) Manila Bulletin advertisement for job placements in countries in the Middle East. I immediately placed a call in the telephone number contained in the ad. Read the rest of this entry »

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Saudi Prince to invest in the Philippines

Posted by Admin on February 26, 2007

Below is a good news for those who are in the tourism industry, it means possibility of more jobs to become available in the near future. However a big chunk of Filipino hoteliers, teacher turned hoteliers, police turned hoteliers, bankers turned hoteliers, secretary turned hoteliers and HRM professionals are in the middle east particularly in Dubai.

Tourism eyes investment from world’s richest people.

By Katrina Mennen A. Valdez, Researcher-The Manila Times

Two of the world’s richest people have shown interest in investing in the Philippine tourism industry.
One of the prospected investors is China’s hotel and property giant Shimao Group owned by
Xu Rongmao, the second richest man in China who was reported to be interested in putting up a world-class hotel facility here that will include residential and commercial complex.Another group the government courts is a company owned by the richest man in the Middle East and the eight richest in the world. The group is led by Al-Waleed Bin Talal, who bought the Four Seasons hotel together with Microsoft chairman Bill Gates and operates 31 high-end hotels in 31 countries. Read the rest of this entry »

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Filipinos are the nicest people

Posted by Admin on February 25, 2007

Here is an article from a local tabloid in Dubai which circulated a few weeks ago. Let us be proud of being Filipinos not because we belong to this race but because of the traits this race taught us.

After a day of that article, a comment from the same newspaper read like this:

“I would like to second the opinion of Nigel and ‘Cool Hand Luke’ about Filipinos. I never had a Filipino friend or acquaintance, but its hard to ignore how friendly and chivalrous they are. I travel by municipality bus a lot, and usually see men occupying the seats reserved for Ladies. Once a man refused to move out even when requested by the driver. On the other hand, Filipino men gladly vacate their seats for women though they are sitting in the unreserved section. I have been shamed into doing it myself after watching them couple of times. Filipinos never push and jostle while trying to get into the bus and try to be in a queue as much as possible. I am yet to come across a rude Filipino, though Dubai has struck me as a city of exceptionally rude people. They are the only people who still remember the golden words ‘Please’, and ‘Thank You’. I hope my countrymen would take a leaf out of their book and try to be nice to others. “

Viva la Pinoy!
Abi Sultan
Dubai, UAE

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