Middle East Filipinos

Filipinos are the nicest people

Posted by Admin on February 25, 2007

Here is an article from a local tabloid in Dubai which circulated a few weeks ago. Let us be proud of being Filipinos not because we belong to this race but because of the traits this race taught us.

After a day of that article, a comment from the same newspaper read like this:

“I would like to second the opinion of Nigel and ‘Cool Hand Luke’ about Filipinos. I never had a Filipino friend or acquaintance, but its hard to ignore how friendly and chivalrous they are. I travel by municipality bus a lot, and usually see men occupying the seats reserved for Ladies. Once a man refused to move out even when requested by the driver. On the other hand, Filipino men gladly vacate their seats for women though they are sitting in the unreserved section. I have been shamed into doing it myself after watching them couple of times. Filipinos never push and jostle while trying to get into the bus and try to be in a queue as much as possible. I am yet to come across a rude Filipino, though Dubai has struck me as a city of exceptionally rude people. They are the only people who still remember the golden words ‘Please’, and ‘Thank You’. I hope my countrymen would take a leaf out of their book and try to be nice to others. “

Viva la Pinoy!
Abi Sultan
Dubai, UAE


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