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Pinoy style : How to visit Dubai then apply for a job

Posted by Admin on March 5, 2007

Base on my personal experience some of the following are few tips you have to read and take note when planning to visit and find a job in Dubai.

Required Documents
Transcript of Records, Diploma and PRC Certificate if any, are the usual documents you need to secure when going to Dubai.

Procedure to process the documents:

Diploma and TOR – must be certified as true copy by your school registrar, authenticated by your regional CHED office, Malacanang, Department of Foreign Affairs and UAE embassy. You have to personally secure the authentication except in UAE embassy which you have to send via Fedex with enclosed managers check of Peso 1,400.

PRC Certificate – must be authenticated by PRC, Malacanang, DFA and UAE embassy. (The same procedure for Diploma and TOR) Read the rest of this entry »


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