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Pinoy style : How to visit Dubai then apply for a job

Posted by Admin on March 5, 2007

Base on my personal experience some of the following are few tips you have to read and take note when planning to visit and find a job in Dubai.

Required Documents
Transcript of Records, Diploma and PRC Certificate if any, are the usual documents you need to secure when going to Dubai.

Procedure to process the documents:

Diploma and TOR – must be certified as true copy by your school registrar, authenticated by your regional CHED office, Malacanang, Department of Foreign Affairs and UAE embassy. You have to personally secure the authentication except in UAE embassy which you have to send via Fedex with enclosed managers check of Peso 1,400.

PRC Certificate – must be authenticated by PRC, Malacanang, DFA and UAE embassy. (The same procedure for Diploma and TOR) These documents are needed in order to secure working visa in UAE, but it is not necessary to bring together with you in your flight to Dubai as this are not requirement in applying for a job. Yet not necessary but it is advisable to bring it with you as it will be needed when you are hired immediately and the processing alone in the Philippines will approximately 5 weeks.

While the processing of the authentication of your documents is under development, get ideas about UAE in websites that are available in the internet.

Ideal timing
Summer in the Middle East starts mid March and ends late October, temperature is rising up to 45 degrees so this is not the ideal time in walking on Dubai streets to apply for a job. Also at this season, managers of companies are normally out on vacation.

Avoid also the month of Ramadan as the office timings are shorten to 5 hours.

Ideal timing to visit UAE is from October to March as the whether is fine and there are lot of festivals thus requiring more jobs.

Exchange Rate
Money in UAE is called Dirhams (AED, Dhs), This is approximately equivalent to 13 pesos in Philippine money and fixed to 3.68 per 1 US Dollars.

How much visa and air fare costs?
Visas are pre-arranged, it means you have to apply for it while in the Philippines. If you have friends that were already in the UAE, they can help you to to get a visa.

Typically Filipinos are entering the UAE ports by using tourist visa, tourist visa holders are not allowed to work in the UAE, but they are allowing visitors to apply for a job. This type of visa including air ticket for one way is Dhs 2,700 – 3,000. Please note that you have to pay at this range only, otherwise it’s too much. (Airline ticketing agencies will issue back and forth tickets to tourist visa holders as Dubai authorities are assuming that you are returning back, this is dummy ticket only, you don’t have to pay for it.

Above rate is the regular rate that Dubai based agents are charging, you can check the standard rates here and here for more detailed information.

Visa expiry
Tourist visa holders are allowed to stay in the UAE for 60 days. The visa is valid 30 days from the date of issue. If it is not utilized in the validity period you need to apply for new one. The 60 days count will start from the date you set foot on UAE land.

This means that you have 60 days for job hunting. If you did not find job in 60 days, it is nessesary to leave the county for a visa change. Usually the exit point is in Kish or Qeshem islands in Iran. There is no limit for visa change, you can do it untill you got a job.

Kish and Qeshem visa change
Kish and Qeshm islands are 45 minutes from Dubai via chartered flight, the whole package of visa change ranges from Dhs 1,350 to 1,600 including the visa, return ticket, one day hotel accommodation, and breakfast meal. Usual staying period in these islands while waiting for the new visa is 2-3 days, you are lucky if you can go back to Dubai at the same day of your departure.

Above rate is the regular rate that Dubai based agents are charging, you can check the standard rates here and here for more detailed information.

Once you got your new visa and landed to Dubai, you have another 60 days to find a job.

Job hunting
In Dubai the job competition is tough, but once you got a job it is rewarding. Our main competitors here are our Kababayans also and the Indians which sometimes being favored because of their cheaper salary rates.

Job market in Dubai is awesome, everyday you can read in newspaper ads and internet postings whatever job you are looking for. However as I’ve said the competition is high. One good way is to look for vacancies suitable to your experience and apply as many as you can in one day so the possibility of being called in an interview will increase. Take note that every minute of your stay have cost so don’t consume a day without releasing a single CV in your hand. Don’t concentrate on few job openings; make a target of at least ten applications in one day.

There are some times of discouragements and depressions but you should not stop dreaming because of the money and time you invested.

How much pocket money needed.
To give you an idea of the cost of living in Dubai:

Bed space rent – Dhs 500 – 750 (4-8 persons sharing in one room)
Water and electricity – Dhs 60 – 100
Food – Dhs 250 per month will be fine
Personal things – Dhs 50 is enough
Bus fare – Dhs 1.50 minimum fare

You also have to allocate extra amount on internet rent, Fax, printing and mobile SIM card plus load as these are necessary when applying for a job.

Base on my experience Dhs 2,000 – 2,500 will be sufficient for two months.

For more informations read the Dubai Handbook and Dubai Guide.

These informations are only based on my personal experience so it will be better if you will also ask your friends who are already in Dubai on some tips how to successfully enter in Dubai and eventually land a job here.


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  1. rose said

    this is very informative and true..

  2. Administrator said

    Thank you Rose.

  3. black said

    Just read it. Indians are not cheap and mind you India is an economic giant. ie if you have read papers recently. 2nd.. Indians are fluent in English language, educated in all streams and obviously competition to you. Whichever streams you take they are there, whether be it Medical, Engineering and of course IT. So cut off the “Cheap” talk and get down to ground realities. There is competition all over the world. If you are ready to work hard like Indians then you shall get the job. Hope its clear to all who come here looking for a job.

    • ACCESS2008 said

      black said
      June 14, 2007 at 8:05 am

      Just read it. Indians are CHEAP and mind you India is an non-economic giant. ie if you have read papers recently. 2nd.. Indians are non-fluent in English language, non-educated in all streams and obviously non-competitive to you. Whichever streams you take they are there, whether be it Medical, Engineering and of course IT. So go on the “Cheap” talk and get up to ground realities. There is competition all over the world. Indian people as far as I know are faking their documents, that’s TRUE, PLEASE BE CAREFULE WITH THIS PEOPLE

  4. Pinoy Hitman said

    This will surely help our Kababayans who would like to work here in Dubai. Even though I was directly hired by my company, I still have to acquire and submit all the requirements for the visa. What I did was to let DHL do it for me, instead of going to Malacanang, DFA and UAE embassy. There are some branches that does it for you, of course there is a small fee for the service. No time kasi eh, too much work to do in my former company.

    With regards to Black’s reply, I beg to disagree with him/her. Based on my experience with the Indians here in Dubai, they are not as HARD working nor have the proper work ethics (not including the physical hygiene part yet) like Filipinos. Thus most companies prefer hiring other expats like Russians, British, Australians and Filipinos. That is the reason why they lower their asking salary rate. No offense Black, but I already interviewed a lot of Indians with good applications/CV (for IT Administrator) and when asked about what they input there, I can say its all crap and phony…

    Economic Giant? You have to, because India has the second biggest population in the world. But being an economic doesn’t mean you ahve to be rude. Even Readers Digest wrote an article about Mumbai as the rudest city in the world…

    Okay okay, enough has been said.

    To you my Kababayan, living and working here in Dubai is really rewarding. You just have to take the risk and give your best.

    • ms. shanti said

      hi pinoy hitman… i want to go in dubai for a job thru visit visa… please give me some tips on how to get pass on the interviews… sana maging swerte din ako. like you… thanks in advance.

    • Ice said

      Mr Pinoy Hitman,

      im planing to go there too..what is best? to get through an agency or grab some tourist visa and go job haunting..please help…thanks

  5. charming said

    Hi Pinoy Hitman. Please give me some advice on how you’ve landed a job in Dubai with direct employer. I’m really interested to work there to save for my brother’s aortic valve replacement. Five of my co-workers went there thru visit visa but as much as possible I don’t want to do the same because of worries and risks. I’ve already submitted resumes thru jobstreet/jobsdb for Dubai and Bahrain job openings but haven’t received feedback yet from the agencies. I also buy Manila Bulletin every Sunday hoping to find job vacancies in Dubai or even in Qatar but haven’t been lucky yet. Thanks in advance.

  6. Anna Katrina said

    i just inquired about a tourist/visit visa for Dubai. i reside in Davao City and 1 agency along magallanes street told me that it would cost me about 65,000 pesos to be able to go to Dubai. given the computation above i could say its a bit much but i am truly willing to take the risk. i have a family, my hubby & i have been married for seven years now but the maximum time that we really been with each other is 8mos. he’s been working in Manila, Taiwan, etc… to provide us with our needs. I am a registered nurse, batch 2006 grad & a Dec. board passer (di nasali sa scandal…thank God). i have few friends who went there & are now successful, i was inspired by their stories & yours too. well, i really wanna go in Dubai to work, invite my husband & if God’s will get my children too. I am only 25, a young mom but optimistic & strong willed. my questions are; 1.) is there really a qualifying exam there in Dubai for nurses? 2.) are they hiring fresh grad without experience? 3.) is there any particular agency there in Dubai like POEA or DOLE who posts job hirings?
    i beg you all there, pls reply….. I’d gladly appreciate it!

    • apad said

      you can go to POEA, they have posted availble jobs there….especially nurses

    • lucky jesper said

      Kabayan, taga davao ka so lets talk visaya. See above message of charming. Palagi ka bile ng sunday issue ng Manila bulletin. Minsan meron hiring na wala kang babayaran kahit peso-all to be shouldered by employer. Yon ang abangan mo. hwag kang mag apply sa may placement fee. luma na style yon. karamihan sa may placement fee ay mababa ang sahod. Napaka swerte mo, meron kana halos lahat. kulang lang ay experiences. ito secreto, ato lang ni: tungod kay 21 kapa graduate pwede ka maka kuha ng pabor from kaibigan dyan sa tabi tabi na hospital kahit maliit na hospital, may computer ka,or internet cafe’ pahimo ka ng a siRtipikit, dile na na importanti sa imo employer kung tinood, kay naa man mo ojt. parang supporting papers lang na pa pirmahan mo kaibigan mo-diskarte kriminal mona…alam mo ba kaibigan ko sumasahod ng 5000 us dollar peru elementary graduate lang. lahat ng papel niya gawa sa tabi tabi-hinahanap lang ang papel uras na malaki ang problema sa trabaho. palagay ko di mangyari yan kung masipag ka at mapagmasid sa dapat gawin.

      regards, Mr. lucky

      • rhea said

        nbsa q ung message mo.e aq din kc wla png experience,im a registered nurse last 2008 pa,kso zero experience pa dhil nagkroon ng anak.en now plano q pumunta ng dubai at dun n mghnap ng work,bigyan mo nga rin aq ng tips how to apply.thank u po.

      • rhea said

        pag nahire knb dyan,my medical pa?another gastos n nman?thank you.

    • lucky jesper said

      if u need further help/advise, just contact me thru my e -mail: galdo.gaspar@ymail.com

    • lucky jesper said

      after ma prepare mo lahat documento kasama sirtipikit sa tabitbi, siguruhin mo hindi peke ang agency punta ka ngayon sa website sa poea list of agencies. doon makita mo ang records nila kung meron silang kalukuhan. pag wala pwede kana susugod. peru kailangan meron ka bala(pera-15t pesos for one week mag stay ka sa OFW hotel mas mura) sa manila. mag punta ka lang doon for interview schedule as per indicated sa Manila bulletin. after that, pag pumasa ka, agad agad medical ka na. Ensure lang na ang naka indicate sa Manila bulletin ay employer interview. kasi meron sila preliminary interview minsan. hwag ka na kakagat dyan. luma na na style yan. Kinahanglan employer interview para sulit ang punta mo sa maynila. at makastandby kalang for 1 day interview, 2 days for medical, and 3 days waiting for medical result. total 6 days. afetr which pwede kana babalik sa Davao, mag hintay ka ng visa-usually 2 to 6 weeks. minsan meron sila ready visa. pag ready visa mas maganda. dalawang linggo lang maka alis kana. Ting nan mo rin sa hiring sa manila bulletin yong meron ready visa-mas maganda. Ang gasto sa maynila ito: ticket mo roundtrip aeroplano 6000 pesos -mas mura kung advance booking ang return kailangan hindi fixed date. depende sa Medical result mo. mas maganda mag pacheck kana sa provincsya, katulad ng cholesterol, blood pressure etc. para hindi ka magtagal sa manila. e-correct muna ang katawan mo dyan sa davao bago ka punta sa manila.

      Additional document kailangan meron ka is passport pwede mo kunin dyan in advance sa davao. Birth certificate to be authenticated by NSO, Diploma and transcript to be authenticated by malacanang(regional office of DECS-department of education). Hwag ka mag punta sa manila na wala ito. lalo kalang mag tagal dahil dito. ang birth cerificate is one week or one month pag authenticate… check your local NSO office.

    • lucky jesper said

      napaka exciting ang mag abroad. sa simula lang ang mahirap. dyan palang sa manila. magsimula na ang challenge. kailangan may bala ka bago ka punta. Una ay bili ka ng mapa dyan sa book store. E-familiar mo sarili mo sa mapa from airport or Pier kung mag barko ka. Tapos yong address ng agency. E-familiar mo ang route. Hwag ka basta basta mag travel sa gabi. even sa araw. kilatisin mo ang driver mas maganda kung medyo maliit o matanda. Yong taxi piliin mo rin yong may pangalan katulad ng mga yellow or Green colour is more reliable kay sa ordinary white na kung saan saan galing ang mag yon. Ang pera mo ihiwalay mo sa medyas ilagay or pante ang iba. hwag mag suot ng alahas at mamahalin na bagay. ang bag yong simply lang kung pwede plastic bag lang. hwag pahalata sa driver na baguhan ka lang. be smart always.

  7. Administrator said

    Dear Anna,

    If you are very willing, you can survive in Dubai and eventually land in a job, but let me remind you that the word should be..very very very willing. Remove all the hesitations belive in your self. There are so many kabayans here that are now succesfull.

    Here are the answers to your questions:

    1.) According to my nurse friend, yap there is an exam but not qualifying, it means that you can still work even not passed the exam, or simply not a must. But big hospitals and corporations are seeing the exam as an edge, so it is advisable to take it. Anyhow, you are a registered nurse in the Philippines so there’s no question that you can pass it, iba ang pinoy mare!!!

    2.)As long as the company/hospital is willing to hire you, you can work even a fresh graduate.
    3.)You can see in the side bar what are the best recruitment agencies in Dubai, they are the best..mark my word.


    ME Filipinos

  8. Pinoy Hitman said

    Hi Charming,

    Directly Hired professionals from Philippines depends on the need of the Dubai Based companies and it is mostly by referrals. I was lucky enough to be hired as an IT and Network Security Administrator of an Architectural firm here in Bur Dubai, since the British owner prefer Filipino IT than Indians.

    The only advice I can give you is to widen your contacts abroad, since they will be the one to help you get a job and be hired directly.

    Try submitting your CV through our site: http://www.gajuk.com/
    Good luck ^_^

  9. gypsy2007 said

    My two cents worth will be for our kababayans not to come to Dubai without a prior job offer. Your best bet is to apply in a legitimate
    job agency in the philippines. Dubai is not the same place I came to 6 years ago. The cost of living has risen and the competition has become stiffer. You will have to compete with nationalities who speak better english and has stronger and aggressive personalities. Add to that the ones who speak arabic which is an advantage. Before you embark on this seemingly exciting and promising journey make an honest evaluation of yourself and your goals. Because if you will have to beg, steal or borrow with the hope that you can easily find a good paying job in Dubai-friends,better think twice. I advise you against coming on a visit visa to look for a job. You will only fall prey into the hands of unscrupulous employers who technically knows that it is against the law to work under that visa-so what happens is they used up your visa and in the end whatever salary they pay you (if they pay you at all) goes to paying your exit to Kish or Qeshem.
    Then you start the whole cycle for yourself again. It’s no way to live and it’s not worth the trouble.

  10. asomnorth2005 said


    i am ruel maturan and working here in the philippines as area sales operation manager, but aside from that i am a multi skill person as a working student way back i work in a hotel “HYATT” here in the philippines, and i’m planing to go to dubai next year in Gods will, i have consulted a travel agency here and they told me that they have acounter part in dubai that who could look for a job for me, it cost for 80,000 pesos encludes board and lodging also foods for two months, my question is do i have i chance to find a job in dubai?
    i hope that someone of my kababayan will give me inlightment
    regfarding my concerns.

    thank you so much answer will be appreciated.

  11. Lea said

    Hi Hitman! Hi everyone,

    I’ve been thinking about this for few days now. I’m really having a hard time to decide whether I will push through with my Dubai application or not. I am scheduled for a final interview for a call center post in Dubai. I just feel that this is for real now. I’m just scared. I don’t know why. Maybe because I read in some newspapares that Filipinos are the lowest paid wrokers in Dubai. I’m worried about the weather as well, the people, the lifestyle. Well, obviously, I haven’t been to other countries before. I am currently working in a multinational company here in the Philippines and getting only P40k a month. I guess I just need your advise.

    Thank you in advance.


  12. Administrator said

    Hi Lea, thanks gor the comments. 40K a month in the Philippines is already big bucks, even the government and the company deducts “sangkaterbang” deductions. We can give you more accurate advice if you will gonna tell what company in Dubai you had interview with and what is the salary range. Weather is not fine here, it rise up to 47 degrees during summer and cools down to 8 degrees during winter. Opportunity wise Dubai is superb only to those “matiyaga” and “determinado”, in my own point of view I can say that, it’s better to try than to be stagnant in the Philippines. Always remember that “no place like home”.

  13. Administrator said

    Hi Ruel Maturan, marami ang naloloko sa Dubai na pinapangakuan ng tirahan at trabaho sa halagang iyong nabanggit. Mag-ingat tayo mga kabayan, pag mag bi-bisit ka sa Dubai iisa lang ang sistema…babayaran mo ang ticket mo at visa pero ikaw ang maghahanap. Please browse my site maraming akong naisulat na advise para di tayo maloko sa Dubai. About opportunity marami dito but nasa nag-aaply pa rin po ang ikakapahamak at ikatatagumpay ng isang Pilipino dito.

  14. nonoi said

    helo, i knew that this site talks about dubai.honestly my aim is to work in Bahrain but unfortunately i can’t find a job vacancy eventhough i always buy newspaper every sunday. pls advise me regarding this. iI really want to work in Bahrain as registered nurse. tnx

  15. joel said

    Hi, last May i was interviewed by an employer from Dubai thru a local agency for Sofitel The Palace in Dubai (also the owner of Westien Philippine Plaza now Sofitel hotel). I was already selected but untill now there is no response (advise from employer)regarding the position i applied for. Although the first batch already left for Dubai last Aug. 16 (waiter, room attendant, cashiers, etc.) its almost 4 months now. Im planning to just go to Dubai thr visitor visa and my friend who is now Dubai in working in a travel agency offered me the best rate for a visit visa including fares. Shall i just wait for my employment or go to Dubai as tourist? im confused now. what if during the processing ng visit visa ko tinawagan ako ng agency ko sayang yung ibabayad ko for the visit visa. pls help me your advise will be much appreciated…thanks! by the way im an IT professional, madami ba job opportunities dyan sa Dubai for IT?

  16. hiutopor said


    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  17. butters said

    hi everyone
    im a nurse po.ask ko lng po sana kung possible ba to work in dubai and bring my hubby and child with me. and if yes,,can my husband work there din po?
    salamat po,,

  18. sweet said

    Just wanna know how much is the monthly room rent per head if you live in Satwa, Dubai? Does 550 to 750 Dhs is the monthly rent per person? 550 to 750 dhs each room? Please let me know asap! Thank you so much!

  19. Administrator said

    RE: Your inquiry on http://www.mefilipinos.wordpress.com.

    Dear Kabayan,

    Dito po sa Dubai ay medyo may kamahalan ang rent per room ang akin pong binabanggit ay per person bed space. Satwa is one of Filipino havens, medyo mura kaysa sa Karama or Bur Dubai. Hope it hepls.


  20. Administrator said

    Hi to butters, yes maraming naghihintay na trabaho para sa mga Filipino nurses dito. Ang pagdadala ng pamilya ay depende sa kontrata, pero pwede mo naman bilan sila ng visit visa para sila ay makarating sa Dubai. Pang karaniwan na ring ginagawang stepping rock nang mga Filipino nurses ang Dubai upang makarating sa West and Europe, mas madali daw kase pag galing na dito.

  21. elle said

    Hi guys,

    I have a job offer dyan sa dubai as a sales officer, is aed4,000 enough or acceptable as my starting salary (that includes bms and allowance but my commission pa daw pag nakaquota)? Accomodation is not included, kami daw ang maghahanap ng titirhan namin dyan. Does “mashreq bank” has a good reputation as an employer?
    Di ako makapagdecide kung itutuloy ko yung plano kong magwork dyan but I do believe that its better to work there.
    Any of your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  22. Administrator said

    Hi Elle,

    AED 4,000.00 is acceptable in Dubai, if there’s a big difference between your salary in the Philippines and the offer I suggest that grab the offer. I can say that this is acceptable to a new comer, but let me tell that there are big ops in Dubai, you can get salaries ranging from 6K-8K or more depending on your qualification. My point is, that you will land in Dubai with sure employer. Mashreq bank is a local bank here in UAE, owned by one of the richest Emirati and one of the leading “local” banks I can say. Kung tinanggap mo sana lang ay huwag kang mabigla kung makakita ka ng malalaking offers sa ads pagdating sa Dubai.

    Please explore the Dubai job market to assess the offer.


  23. nylelim said


    I’am also one of those planning to go to dubai, actually i already have a tiket, be leaving this oct 25, however i have some hesitations. I have encountered the article below from khaleej times. Ibig sabihin ba nito, ito na ang katapusan ng pag vi visit visa ng mga pinoy? Advice naman jan.

    ABU DHABI – The Ministry of Labour (MoL) will not approve work visa applications for workers who have entered the UAE on visit visas, according to Saleh Al Jabri, head of the Firms Department in the MoL. “It is a clear violation of the Labour law as visitors are not allowed to work on visit visas,” he pointed out.

    Al Jabri told Khaleej Times that any company desirous of employing an expatriate should obtain a temporary work permit or employment visa, not visit visa.

    In case of violation, the employers would risk Dh10,000 fine and suspension of transactions for six months.

    Sources at MoL said that the ministry had recently rejected an application that had been initially approved by the Abu Dhabi Naturalisation and Residency Department (ADNRD) because the company had sought to hire employees on visit visas.

  24. fed said

    I’m Fed a licensed massaged therapist here in our country at present i’m working at a SPA. A friend of mine informed me that there’s a “demand” as a SPA THERAPIST in Dubai with a good salary offer!!
    My question is that:
    1. how much is the basic salary of dubai?
    2. what is my salary bracket as a massuer in dubai?
    3 how long is the usual term of contract in dubai?
    4. is there a possibility that i could have a double job?

    Pls. enligthen me about my querries. I would really appreciate it if you email me your enlightenment.

    more power & GODBLESS

  25. fed said

    thnx a lot

  26. ynez said


    im planning to go to dubai tru visit visa,& im seeking wOrk. perO high school grad lang ako. my mkuha kaya akong trabaho dun? pki sagot naman po pls….

  27. iriz said

    hi im iriz can you give me some information about Bur Dubai its my first time to go there…i have 2 days more to got in there…my work in Bur Dubai is DH, i hope there is somebody who can reply to my question..thanks in advance..please need your reply…

  28. Administrator said

    Hi Iriz, I will appreciate if you will ask me what are the particular details you want to know in Bur Dubai.

  29. Administrator said

    Hi Ynez, karamihan sa trabaho ng mga Kabayan dito ay sa hotel at restaurant at sa pagkakaalam ko ayon sa ibang mga nainterview ko ay sila rin ay hindi nakatapos sa Pinas. Malaking factor ang educational attainment dito, ngunit iyo ring pakatandaan na malaking factor din ang malakas na determinasyon.

  30. MUNIR KHAN said


  31. lavanderose said

    im a fashion designer/events planner here in the phillippines. im looking forward to working in dubai in a fashion oriented , or events oganizer company. i have enough experience and modesty aside, i know i’m good. what are my chances of landing a job? should i apply personally as i am planning to visit this janauary? im earning at least 50k here but i feel like because of the economic crisis, i can hardly make ends meet. i have an extended family and a patient in homecare, 50k is not sufficient. i want to try my luck in dubai, you think im making the right choice? please advise

  32. May said

    hi there… i just want to know if english teachers are needed in dubai, coz if possible i want to land a job which is related to my field of interest. Is there any online application that is connected directly to the school in dubai where i can send my resume/CV? Please help me….

  33. jomay said

    hi i would lyk to know if english teacher can easily land a job in dubai? I am an English Teacher here in the Phils. and i have plan to go to dubai in a visit visa then look for a job… is teachers needed in dubai?

  34. glynn said

    hello..just wanna know kung tumatanggap ba cla ng health related workers jan.. i’m a graduate of nursing and will be juz taking the exam this dec.. tumatanggap b cla ng tourist na mag aaply as caregiver or nurse jan?? ang mahal kasi ng placements ehh… thanks

  35. june said

    hello everybody!!i never stopped browsing the site until i hav finished reading all the replies. i didn’t have plans of working abroad utnil my fiance left for dubai just ds month to work as an engineer.i’m also an engineer here in cebu and currently working for a real estate company. i’m planning to visit my fiance in dubai before our wedding and plans to work there eventually after our wedding next year. ok lang po bah sa dubai mag settle down ang mag-asawa? how about having kids, ok lang ba dyan sa dubai? i need some advice sana coz this is my first time to plan for going out of the country to work…i hope to learn a lot from you guys.i’ll keep visiting this site for more information..tnx in advance..

  36. Daisy said

    Hi administrator,magandang araw sa iyo. I’m daisy,25 years old. MArried and I have 1 year old son. My husbdand speaks very good english, pero hindi nakapagtapos ng college. I’m a psychology graduate and we’re planning to go to Dubai. What advice can you give for us three? You think it’s a good idea to bring our son with us?Is there any agency we can apply for while here in the Philippines before going to Dubai? I read you posts where you said karamihan sa ating mga kababayan applied for a tourist visa and ended up getting a job there, risky but is it good?

  37. sophie said


    I find your postings very helpful and informative. Since pare-pareho tayong magkababayan dito, I hope you could answer my questions:

    I am a fresh graduate from college and no decent work experience yet, I am just managing our home based family business since I am waiting for the response dun sa applications ko for grad studies abroad (unfortunately, wala pang nagrereply up to now). I am planning to get a visit visa to go to dubai this coming December. I plan to work na kasi my mother needs to be operated soon and malaki ang magagastos. I wanted to work to help her instead of studying again. I heard that ang mga ginagawa ng marami eh kukuha ng visit visa then dun na mismo sa dubai maghahanap ng work? Papano yun?

    My ultimate question is: What are the chances na makakakuha ako ng work pagdating ko ng Dubai? Given the fact na fresh grad ako. Pero kahit anong work muna okay na sa akin say restaurant crew, etc. Nagiipon na ako ng money for the visa, accommodation and ticket. Determinado talaga akong magwork sa Dubai pero ang worry ko kasi malaki ang itatake ko na risk. Worth it kaya ang gagawin ko? Please give me some advice and tips. I would gladly appreciate you help po. Thanks.

  38. Administrator said

    Hi June,

    Visiting Dubai to be with your fiance will be the greatest thing. And also, I think it is also better for both of you who are going to start a family to be together.

    About the other aspect, let me tell you that the biggest job market here in Dubai is for Engineers, specially for Filipino Engineers which foreign and local companies gives more respect and trust. However, in my point of view it is not advisable to raise kids here, citing the culture which I don’t reccomend, the wheter which is not friendly and the cost of living which will be a big cut in a family’s pie of budget.

    Ito po ay sa aking pananaw lamang, mas makakabuti na kayo ay humingi din ng payo sa mga kaibigang nandito na.


  39. Administrator said

    Hi Glynn,

    Yes Dear, pwedeng mag-apply dito ang tourist. Let me tell this way, illegal na magtrabaho ang visit visa holders pero pag nakahanap ka ay papayagan naman nilang mag work.

    I think Glynn, it’s better to take the exams bago ka pumunta dito. Halos lahat yata ng kakilala kong nurses na nanguha ng experience dito ay nasa US at Europe na. Tale note na dito sila umalis papunta doon.

    In short good stepping stone for you.


  40. Administrator said

    Hi Sophie,

    Thanks sa iyong comment. Sa totoo lang ay palakasan ng loob sa Dubai. To tell you frankly kailangan ang experience pagpunta dito sa Dubai. I mean dahil na din kase na ang mga kakumpitensya rin natin dito ay kapwa natin Pinoy. But if you have determination, may kalalagyan ka dito, kung sanay ka naman na sa environment ng office, like using computers and doing other clerical works at small fluency in English, siguro ay pwede ka na rin dito. Sa totoo lang ang ibang lahi na kalaban natin sa kumpetisyon dito, ang sabi sabi ng ilan ay mga hindi naman daw nakatapos, sa madaling salita ay tayong mga Pinoy lamang ang nagpapakita ng mga lehitimong kasulatan na tayo ay propesyunal.

    Sana ay huwag mong isipin na ito ay payong pandaraya, kundi ito ay pagpapakita lamang ng tunay na nangyayari dito. Mas maganda siguro kung manguha ka muna ng kahit six months experience sa Pilipinas, but kung mag friends ka na magrerecomend sa iyo sa trabaho dito okey din.

    Tungkol sa pagkuha ng visit visa, dapat ay may kakilala ka dito na mag-aasikaso nun, bahasin mo ang ibang posts ko para hindi tayo maloko.

    Naiintindihan ko ang urgency ng iyong eagerness to work in Dubai dahil sa kalagayan ng iyong mother, pero sana alamin mo pa ang risks at cost-benefit ng iyong magiging desisiyon.

    Tungkol sa chances let me say that your inexperince will push you down but your great determination will compensate it. In short kung masipag ka makakahanap ka.

    Sana ay inyong titigan ang lahat na aspeto at hindi lamang ng payong ito dahil kayo ang tunay na nakakalam ng tunay ninyong tayo at kalagayan.


  41. Administrator said

    Hi Daisy,

    Everybody have a good channce in getting work here in Dubai. Yes this is an open book for everybody that most of OFWs here in Dubai entered using visit visa and eventually landed for a job. Again let me remind everybody that this is illegal to work for tourists here in Dubai, but if while visiting and got a job, the govermenment will allow you to work once your employment via is applied.

    Cost of living standard is very high in Dubai, so it will be better if for the time being don’t go here with your son. If everything goes fine and well, It will be great for the three of you to stay together here, but while looking for a job, in my point of view it is not advisable.


  42. Daisy said

    Hello Admin,

    I’m thankful for your immediate response. You’re a blessing. I’m glad I’ve found your website. Because we’ve planning about this for a very long time. My cousin has a friend in Dubai and she works as an engineer. She told me she can help us go there? Is there any other way we can go to Dubai if I don’t know anybody there?

    And if ever we go there as tourist, will they allow my son to travel with us? He just turned 1 year last October.

    Admin, my husband & I are doing these because my mother in law who is in USA is getting old, she wants us three to go somewhere we can get a good job. My husband no matter how good his english and skillful he is, he will never get a job here in the Philippines that will support our daily living.Philippines won’t give us a good future. I am a college graduate but I never had a job that paid me above 10,000.

    One big reason we want to go to Dubai is because we believed we both can at least get a job. And it’s hard for us to leave our son here. Please help me what to do step by step.

    . I also want to know you more if there’s only a way I can keep in touch with you in private.

    Anyway Admin, Thank you again.

    God Bless.

  43. Sophie said

    Hi Admin!

    Maraming Salamat sa reply mo. I needed those things na marinig ko mismo from a kababayan na may experience diyan. Andami kasing nagsasabi na sige go, punta ka na makakahanap ka. Ang iba naman wag muna, dapat may experience ka. Kaya half-hearted tuloy ako. Im trying to contact my friends there para mas masigurado ko. Once again, thank you sa chunks of advices. I’ll keep reading your blog.

  44. may said

    hello admin,

    jus want to know if english teacher there is neede in dubai. how can i get a teaching job in dubai? i am planning to go there in visit visa maybe on April after the end of classes here in the philippines. is it okay to travel during that month? can you give me websites where i can directly apply for a teaching job? hope you can answer my querries….

    thanx in advance.

  45. james said

    hi, admin. i just want to know, kng how much ang range salary rate jan ng engineer. I am a license civil engineer d2 sa pinas but have no experince yet. I am planning to go to dubai for work using visiting visa.

    Pls. give some advise, i’m planning to go there this coming january 2008.

  46. Donna said

    To the Administrator:

    I’d like to thank you for sharing all these helpful info, esp. regarding the cost of living; Just like Elle, I have accepted a job offer from Mashreq for aed 4,000 and am still processing my docs.

    God willing, I can go there na by January 2008–

  47. ian said


    I really want to look for a job there in Dubai. The only problem is that I dont have any contacts (employer or friends) dyan.

    I live in Mindanao so its pretty hard to go to manila almost everytime may job interview ka.

    If its not much trouble I need to know the ff.:

    1. Websites kung san ako pwede magsubmitt ng online application.
    2. Is it true na mahihirapan na pumasok dyan next year kasi wala nang visit visa? (heard it from a friend here).
    3. Is 60k enough?

    really need help here… sanay mapagbigyan… thanks.

  48. james said


    Ask ko lang kung OK na ba ang Dhs 2000 libri na lodging and transportation. 3 years and contract…Hindi pa kasali ang food nito at walang overtime fee daw. minimum of 8 hours a day 6 days a week.

    Is it OK kung i grab ko ito tapos hanap nalang ako ng ibang job diyan? Possible ba?

    Allowed ba diyan ang double job. Lets say part time work? para naman medyo magka increase ng income.

    Ano sa tingin ninyo.


  49. beth said


  50. beth said

    help me

  51. beth said

    im sorry i got a wrong sent, anyhow b4 anything else i would like to say hello to everyone….and god bless you….by the way i need to hve some advice that how will i do now to get a visit visa that i dont hve freinds there is there a possibility that i get visit visa without them. i meant to the other agencies that they give me visit visa?thanks

  52. Alfred said


    Question naman po. Nov 3, 2006 na authenticate ng DFA ang TOR at diploma ko. Pwede ko pa ba magamit yun sa UAE embassy sa Pillipinas para sa authentication?

    Salamat po.

  53. raymond r. said

    chances in dubai as avisit visa is suwertihan,I came dubai as ocw true agency. First time ko kasi so i grab the offer for 1500 dhs salary per month.Free board and transportation. Advice ko lang pag naghanap kayo ng employer, better other nationalities like american, british, or swedish. Pag local arab ang employer barat magpasueldo.Payo ko lang mag ingat rin kayo sa kapwa pilipino,dahil sa inggit sila din sisisra sa iyo. So dapat may kaibigan kang tunay na tutulong sa iyo sa pagpunta mo sa dubai.

  54. Henry said


    I’m very much willing to work at Dubai but i’m worried about my age. I’m 43 years old now. Do they give job opportunities for people above 40’s? And secondly, is there enough job opportunities for sales manager positions in the area? Third, do you have any idea on the salary range for sales manager in Duabai?

    Please reply, i’m willing to take a risk for the sake of my family. Two of my kids are in college. Meaning i have a hard time now just to finance their education. One of them is taking nurse.

    Thanks in advance.

    My best regards

  55. docvice said

    Dear Admin,

    Helpful tlaga ang mga comments mo… Thanks.

    Same question din po ang sa akin tulad ng kay alfred. May expiration or validity ba yung mga authenticated documents dito. Ang sa akin kasi eh 2003 pa yung authenticated documents ko nung nag-apply ako for saudi. Baka kc pag pinadala ko sa UAE embassy eh ibalik sa akin, sayang naman ang bayad sa courier. Or baka mag-start ulit ako from step 1 dito. Also, tanong ko rin po kung magkano usually ang room rent dyan kung solo ka lang sa kwarto.

    I need your advise ASAP. Thanks.

  56. Zhai said


    I was browsing at this site and I find it very helpful..But I’m wondering if there’s a membership here? coz i was looking on how to log-in with this site. Anyway, I want to know something here regarding my employment there in Dubai.
    Last Nov 2007, I got a call from Dubai. I got hired as a Graphic Designer. And they sent me my employment visa already but up until now, I’m still here in the philippines. I talked to my employer (arabian) that she is still processing my papers coz it should be authenticated by POLO there in Dubai. According to her, she really have a hard time fixing those things. They already extended my visa for another month. But, now..I haven’t got any news from her..2 weeks already.
    And I decided that if ever she won’t contact me this whole month of january, I will go to Dubai with Visit Visa with the help of my friend who is working there in Dubai..and already has a job for me.
    Do you think that I should wait for my employer or go there in visit visa?
    thank you and have a great day ahead!

  57. Mark said

    Hi everyone, I find this forum very informative and helpful.. need your advice..

    i am an engineering graduate with no experience and planning to go to dubai as tourist and look for a job there…

    in your honest opinion and advice, what are the chances na makahanap ako ng trabaho (kahit ano trabaho) there before mag-expaire visa ko?..

    maraming salamat po…

  58. sah said

    this is very informative. Thank you for sharing your experiences.I am proud of you! I am a Filipino too! I was searching in net how to enter in Dubai in a legal way as I really want to work there. But I just get discouraged everytime I apply in agencies here in Phils since they are always requiring 3 years work experience. I still have 1 year experince in my hospital now(currently working in a Tertiary Hospital). I am a Registered Nurse here in Phils.I’m just 23 yrs old and will be turning 24 on May 2008. I really want to work in Dubai as early as possible. Could anyone help me or give me some tips on how to do it in a legal way?? Pls send me an email, scagampang@yahoo.com…. I can do any type of jobs wether it is janitorial, a nanny…I don’t mind as long as I can earn money to support in my needs while in Dubai since I don’t have friends there. Just a stepping stone for me to get a working visa in Dubai and have a job fitted in my profession. Pls!!!! Mga Pinoys dyan sa Dubai…help me!!! or HIRE ME!!!!! I don’t complain what kind of job as long as it is decent and I am being paid…. I am desperate to work abroad since my salary here in Phils is not enough to support my family no matter how many hours you are in your work already.

  59. feb said

    Hello pinoy hitman,

    Pwede ko bang malaman kung sang DHL branch dito sa pinas nag pa-process nang authentication ng documents sa ched, malacanang at dfa.

    Meron ba dito sa Mindanao?


  60. Marie said

    Your site is very informative. I am planning to go to dubai soon. I have a sister who worked in one of the hospitals there as medtech. I am a nurse, worked in the ICU, passed US exams like CGFNS and IELTS. My questions are:
    * Are there lots of hirings for nurses there in dubai?
    *What would be my chances of getting a job related to my course within the 2 month period? I am hard working, with a lot of perseverance.
    * My sister who is there won’t help me with my visa and ticket, only for housing and food…Is there an agency where I can apply here in the Phils that directly hire nurses?
    * How much is the starting salary of a nurse there?
    * If ever, can I get whatever job available, say, in a hotel just so I could get working visa then if ever I will find a hospital job I will resign from my hotel job. Can I do that? is there a fee for breach of contract? if so…how much??
    *Thank you so much…may I know your email add??

  61. arlene said


    my name’s arlene and i’m planning to go to dubai to work. i’ve heard na mataas talaga ang cost of living sa dubai.. can i ask for figures? so that i may know kung tama lang yung salary na tatanggapin ko from my prospective employer.. thanks… and GOD BLESS US ALL…

    • Ayoub said

      I was HRD. FOR THE Canadian S. Hospital Dubai. and looking urgently fo Mrs Arelen, she was one of my HR Team in Dubai, I urgently looking for him for anice HR position in Sultanat Of Oman. pls if any of u know her contact do let me know.

      Ayoub Abdullah
      HR Director

  62. Zhai said

    Ask ko din kung kelangan ba talagang ipa-authenticate ang docs ko sa UAE embassy? kasi napa authenticate ko na un sa dfa…and i asked my friend who is now working in Dubai na hindi na niya pina authenticate sa embassy ung mga docs niya…and he went there in transit visa..ngayon..nagwowork na siya dun.
    any suggestions?? thanks!!

  63. Marie said

    I am calling to all pinoys who want to go to dubai by visit visa(first timer) to please lets help one another para sabay-sabay tayo magpunta dun. I knew a little about dubai since I have a sister who’s already working there in american hospital. She can help me with my accommodation and food. Maybe she can look for a boarding house for you too guys…Sabay-sabay tayo process ng papers, para sabay2 tayo punta dun, sabay tayo look for work. If you’re interested pls email me at Eiram38@hotmail.com, I’m a nurse and from mindanao. Thanks

  64. maguilas said

    hi, im would wnt to work in dubai.. is there still opportunities for credit card agents/sales officers.. i have at least 8 yrs of experience in this field. my friends told me there are lots of vacancies waiting but please provide me with possible employers. thanks and good day!

  65. maguilas said

    hi, i would wnt to work in dubai.. is there still opportunities for credit card agents/sales officers.. i have at least 8 yrs of experience in this field. my friends told me there are lots of vacancies waiting but please provide me with possible employers. thanks and good day!

  66. mary rose said

    all your comments and suggestions are very helpful to other especially for a Filipino wants to go to Dubai……..thanks to all…

  67. dale said

    hi hitman,

    im an ece graduate and im working here now in dubai 3 mmonths na ako d2, can you help me find another job? o maerecommend na company that offers higher salary,

  68. feb said

    Dear marie,

    Na process mo na rin ba ang authentication ng iyong mga documents, like CHED, Malacanang and DFA. Ask ko lang kung merong dhl dito sa mindanao na nag-process nito since i’m working here in Mindanao. Mas mabuti nga kung sama-sama tayo mag-punta doon.
    I’m an english teacher from mindanao

  69. rich said

    hi Zhai!
    Kailangan ipa authenticate docs sa UAE embassy. Pagdating mo dito ipapa attest mo naman yan sa Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Deira, Al Maktoum). From my own experience yan. Sa husband ko din ganun ang pinagawa ng company nila. Kaya para mas sigurado ka, gawin mo na. Pag nandito ka na at kailangan mo ng authenticated, ipapadala mo na naman docs mo sa Pinas, dagdag gastos pa. Goodluck.

  70. rich said

    hello Arlene! tumaas na naman ang house rent sa Dubai. 500 up para makakuha ka ng decent flat to stay (bed space na may capacity 4 pax up). excluded pa DEWA 100. transpo naman minsan provided ng company, i verify mo din yun. o kaya kumuha ka ng tirahan mo sa malapit. okay din pag may accommodation. mura lang bus dito 1.5 dir to 2.0 pag taxi mahal. food naman budget ka ng 200 siguro. sim card 150 up. ano pa ba….

  71. rich said

    Hi Marie. First, maganda ang qualifications mo. Wag mo na pag isipan ang hotel kasi wala pa yatang 2k aed ang salary, at konti lang din ang hiring. kung magtitiyaga ka sa hospitals, mas malaki ang chance mo. madaming malaking hospitals sa Abu Dhabi, wish ko makapasok ka sa military hosp dun. i post mo e mail add mo, i’ll try to help.

  72. gensangirl said

    hello im so inspired reading the letters and was very eager to go to dubai..im a secondary school teacher here in gensan may i ask if there is a possibility that i could be hired as a teacher in dubai or babagsak lang me sa pagiging domestic helper?could u give me some tips on how to apply as a teacher in dubai..

    longing for a reply
    thanks and Godbless

  73. Marie said

    Nope, hindi ko pa naprocess authentication. They said pwede DHL magbabayad ka lang. Meron dito Cagayan de Oro DHL. Try mo dhl sa place mo. email mo ko or post ur email add sa reply.

  74. Rowena said

    Hi po.. I super want to go to Dubai actually I’ve already processed my papers.. papaauthenticate ko na lang sa embassy.. the problem is I cant communicate with my friend nowadays.. cya kse ung nagpromis na tutulong saken..
    Sana some of our good hearted kababayan in Dubai can help me go there and even find a job..
    I am a graduate from a university.. I have degree in Secondary Education major in computer.. boardpasser din ako.. I have 3 years experience na as a teacher here in the philippines.. I want sana atleast office job kse I can handle computers naman or mas ok kung as tutor or teacher…
    Guys pls help… tnx..

  75. rjb_888 said


    kailangan pa ba ng verifaction ng visit visa sa UAE embassy sa Pilipinas, kung ang visa ay galing na sa UAE?

  76. Jho said


    I’m working in a consultancy company based in Dubai, specializing in the Health & Leisure industry. We are actually operating several Spas in the Middle East Region and anyone who would be sucessful to any positions we have shall be directly hired by us or any of clients. All hired candidates however will be contacted by a registered agency in the Philippines, to assist with the documentation and other processing especially with POLO.

    Basically the positions we seek for are from beauty, salon, spa, fitness or of same section. Those who wish to apply, just kindly send your CV to recruitment@spa-resources-international.com. Kindly indicate this code in the subject line: JP-MEFIL

    Thank you.

  77. happy said


    No. you will present this in the immigration before boarding. Goodluck.

  78. Jenny said

    to anybody,

    can somebody put up a list of agencies here in the philippines recruiting filipino nurses to work there…

    i think it will be more convenient if i process everything while i’m here so i don’t have to worry about anything when i get there, thanks…

    surely this can help a lot of us who doesn’t want to take the risk of visiting and not finding anything suitable for us there in dubai…

    really thank you so much…

  79. jun said

    To Admin!

    Good day!

    I am planning to go to dubai as tourist and find a job there! I am 40 years old and have at least 15 years exp. in handling various computer related jobs. The longest is that I worked as an IT Manager for a large company for 9 years.

    My problem is that, I didn’t finish my college education.

    With regards to the authentication of TOR is it still required even if you didn’t finish a college course?

    What is my chance to find a job in Dubai?

    Hope u could give me some ideas before I decide to visit the place.

    Thank you very much.

  80. Marie said


    Thanks a lot! I would really appreciate if you could help me find a job there . You can email me at Eiram38@hotmail.com. Thanks

  81. happy said


    first, they do authenticate TOR with Diploma. Second, most companies are hiring Indians for IT tasks (most but not all). Third, competition is tough. You may apply as a tutor, then widen your network. who knows, somebody can refere you to their company.

  82. Rizza said

    February 18,2008

    To all my kababayans who wish to visit to Dubai,

    Yes, Dubai is a nice place!!! It has beautiful and tall buildings. Pinoys are everywhere. Just a sort of an advise, based on what i have experienced; Never wish to visit Dubai if 1) You don’t have enough money. 2) if you don’t know anyone fron here, kc kung minsan,kapwa kababayan na rin natin ang nanloloko dito.
    Think many times before coming to Dubai, if you have work sa atin jan ka na lang kng ok naman para hindi na kayo mahirapan pa… THINK, THINK!!!!!!!!!!! ok

  83. jun said

    Thanks for your reply happy!!

    btw, how could I possibly apply for a turorial job? is there any site wherein I could apply for that kind of job in Dubai…

    Thanks a lot again…

  84. stephen said

    i am an instructor in one of the school here in the philippines. i am an accountancy graduate but i was not able to practice it for a long time already. i am teaching accounting subject but most of my works is computer related like PC Troubleshooting, Editing Photos and Videos. I am also an expert in MS Office Application. I am a Masters degree holder in Public Management. Ang tanong ko lang if meron ba akong chance to work in dubai? if meron, mga ilang percent kaya? Please, i need your advice.

  85. happy said

    Hi Jun,

    http://www.gulfnews.com ; http://www.khaleejtimes.com > go to classifieds or appointments or there are also schools of short courses like Karama Institute, Zabeel Institute, Oscar Institute that you can find as inserts in the newspapers (which I do not know if they have a website). or http://www.lakasngloob.com? 😉

  86. Admin said

    Hi Stephen,

    Accountants are the most in-demand here maybe second to Engineers. I’m a professional accountant too and if you are lucky you an earn big bucks here. The best advise mga kabayan, EXPLORE the DUbai jobmarket sa internet for you have ideas. Try to open the jobsites in the right side panel of our website and you can assess there the market.

    Thanks to Happy, you are always welcome here. If you want to write something about Dubai that may help Kabayans (or anyone else who are interested in writing that wants to put their article in this blog) just mail it to aragonerwind@yahoo.com

    Goodluck to all!!!

  87. stephen said

    thanks, but i am not an accountant just a graduate of accountancy… but anyway i jst try my best… thanks a lot…

  88. shiela said

    thank god nakita ko ang post na ito..my frend has applied me a visit visa, she has been a family friend since shidlhood so I really trust she can help me with this. I am a registered nursena sa pinas. Passed my localboard, CGFNS and english exam. while waiting for US I want to try my luck in dubai. I have had 8months exp. sa hospital as ER nurse and 2 years as nurse reviewer dito. I really wanted to go back to hospital work kaso puro volunteer position ngayon ang uso. meaning wlang sweldo. That’s why i decided to go there. Ask ko lang po if I could go there by end of March, may job offers pa kaya for nurses like me? dream job ko is paramedic type ung ambulance nurse jan sa dubai? hiring po kaya sila? female po ako mag 25 this may 2008..any answer po with this queries is really appreciated…god bless po kayo for helping, goes to showhindi lahat ng pinoy ma crab mentality. i hope we’ll help each other out, un nalang ung magagawa natin for our country ung magpadala nga dollar dito. pls. feel free to email me po at chinx003@yahoo.com if may alam po kayong job hiring diyan coz mas ok po ung pagdating ko jan alam ko kng ano po ung mga aaplyan ko. godbless po!

  89. Carmie Rosima said

    Hi Stephen.

    I’m here in Dubai for almost a year, And i went here for only visit visa.I am accountant graduate but I’m only 20 years old and thats why its really hard for me to find a job. My aunty she is the one who support and help me for my financial. And i was so lucky, i found a job which is not my field..I was working now in Travel and tourism Company. So tanong ko lng po if possible na makahanap agad din ng work yung brother ko, He is older than me .because i plan to get him. We know that theres a lot a kababayans here in dubai without permanet job. So i was afraid to get him here.


  90. Mly said

    hi! i’ve been visiting this site since january this year lang and i find it helpful and inspiring. I’m also interested taking risk of entering thru visit visa. . I just got my visa thru the help of my friends and i’ll be leaving before the end of the month. I wishi could find job easily. I’m cpa with 7 years experience in external audit and construction/real estate company. Hope someone could give me few tips before i leave. Thanks to administrator for this wonderful site.=)

  91. Admin said

    Hi Mly,

    I’m a CPA too and believe me that Dubai will be a good market place on whatever services you can render to companies. Accountants rank second to Engineers in terms of demand according to a survey by ibe of the leading job consultancy here.

    You can earn big bucks here…try to enter in the big 4..malaki daw sweldo dun…

  92. Cecille said

    Hello there! Wow this is a great forum. I’m also planning to try my luck in Dubai. I’m a CPA and is currently working as Senior Accountant here in the Philippines. I’ll be quitting my job this coming May, uuwi kasi yung isa sa mga friends ko and our plan is sabay kami pagbalik nya by June. I have some close friends there who are all willing to help me process my visit visa, all of them are non-CPAs but have found good jobs in Dubai. Sila actually yung nagpapalakas ng loob ko. As of now, Im preparing my documents, I hope someone could tell me pano and how much yung authentication of documents thru DHL. Ok ba yung salary range sa Dubai for CPAs. I have over 2 years experience in manufacturing company and another 1 year in telecommunication company. I’m keeping my fingers cross and hoping that my decision is right. Afterall, Im doing this for my family – I am the breadwinner and my youngest siser will be starting college. All the tips and advise will be highly appreciated…thanks thanks email me @ mcimanguiat@yahoo.com

  93. Mly said

    Thanks admin! You’re really great! Nakakarelax mga advise mo. . Sana magkita tayo dyan. . =)

    To Cecille, 200 lang binayaran ko sa DFA as authentication fee for my diploma/tor and prc certificate. . tapos another 220 for DHL para deliver na lang sayo papers mo. Then sa UAE embassy 3,400 -authentication fee and 420 for DHL. Mabilis lang ngayon. Thanks to DHL.

  94. Cecille said

    Thank you Mly. That’s great, mas ok pala talaga thru DHL, aside from being hassle free, di naman pala ganun kamahal. Thanks a lot.

  95. Mly said

    Dear All,

    Please see attached link for information on the banned items in coming to UAE.
    Hope it will help us all..

    http://www.gulfnews .com/nation/ General/10197404 .html

  96. Admin said

    Hi Guys,

    Any article good or bad things happened to everybody in UAE you can share here. So it will be a piece of advise to everyone.

    Just mail to aragonerwind@yahoo.com

  97. Wonderer? said

    Hey yah!!!

    Just wondering kung mahigpit ba philippine immigration sa mga tourist na nagpupunta sa Dubai… for obvious reason na alam nila na ang tlagang purpose eh hindi naman mag tour kundi mag job hunt… meron na ba kayong nalaman na hinirang dito pa lang sa atin for the same reason…?????

  98. Sharon said

    Hi Y’all! God day!

    Congratulations to Admin..very informative & helpful site that caters to pinoys looking for greener pastures in the UAE. I too am contemplating of looking for one there. I will be sponsored by my husband (he’s a nurse who works w/ the dubai police ambulance dept/paramedic) & hopefully will be there this may & job hunt. Im a dentist. I just want to inquire if dentists are in demand jobs there too. My husband cant find work for me coz he’s too tired after his work nman. Bka any one of you can give me info about dental jobs in dubai.

    And, do I need to go and process the authentication of my papers personally? Can I authorize someone na lang do that for me aside from DHL?

    To Jenny… there’s the SUCCESS agency in evangelista mkti which exclusively recruits nurses to work w/ the dubai police ambulance dept. Its located at the back of the police precint. I forgot the number e. Just look for anne…


  99. Rose said

    hi there,Rose here…I am also aspiring to get a tourist visa for Dubai and hopefully look for a job there.I’m just wondering how much will it cost for my plane ticket and visa?and one more thing Do I need to present show money at the immigration of Dubai upon my arrival?Please help…

  100. Nallene said

    Hi all… Gusto ko lang malaman kasi i also want to work in Dubai. But i have few knowledge about the place, how to find work and what job best suits me. I worked in Nestle phils for 2 years, Technical asst in Taiwan for 2 years, Monde Nissin for a year and my current job is a call center company. Pwede nyo ba ako matulungan or any suggestion kung ano pwede work for me? im only a 2 year comp. programming graduate. I want to work abroad again for my son’s future. Im only 25 yrs. old. I appreciate your feedbacks…

  101. ghashwati said

    hi pinoys,

    I am looking for a fashion designer to work in my boutique in dubai. Preferrably somebody with 2-3 years experience minimum with wedding dresses, party dresses. I am providing visa and good salary.

    if you know anybody who might be interested please let him or her e-mail me at fouzia36@hotmail.com

  102. Paolo said

    Hi to all,

    Ano po bang mga docs ang kailangan talagang ipa-authenticate to process an employment VISA in UAE?
    Gaano po ba katagal ung authentication sa UAE embassy?

    Many thanks!

  103. Merlan said


    i’m inspired by the tips you’ve shared, actually im searching on how to get to dubai and i found your site…thank you & more power

  104. EKSEXY said

    hello admin! ngapala, pina cancel ko na ung employment visa ko going to dubai, sobrang tagal kasi mag process ng employer ko..kainis! now, im planning to just go there in Dubai in visit visa.. im a graphic designer, and may friend din ako diyan..siya mag sponsor skin. mahihirapan kaya ako makakuha ng job? and ask ko rin, how much ba talaga ung offer sa graphic designer? thanks!!

  105. Emma Lou V. Soriano said

    Good day…..
    I am Emma Lou V. Soriano… female from Philippines. 20 years old this year. 5’6 in height and 42 kls.. I am HRM graduate… and i am willing to apply there in Dubai for any of the said vacancies.. im looking forward for your positive response. This is my email add prety_emmz23@yahoo.com. or in my cellphone number 09206329180
    Thank you so much.
    Emma Lou

  106. Crisel said

    This is so informative, Thanks to the admin. Am a teacher by profession and I want to try my luck also in Dubai. Hope u will continue to post and write facts about going to Dubai as a filipino. To all my kababayans, pls share your experiences coz they really help. God bless..

  107. Rambie said

    Hello admin, this site very informative and helpful to our kababayan. ive search in yahoo regarding forums and very lucky to found this site. Anyway my boyfriend and i are planning to go to dubai and work there tru visit visa because my friend will help me process. I just like to ask some questions. Is there a lot of competition there? I am a Sales Account Executive for 3 years in an IT Sales Company, are this position offers big salary there? or is there many vacancy?

    or can we get a job there for that time period(2months). Im determined to work there but i also try to see the negative side. Just like to ask how much would the total cost in going there plus accomodation? If ever we need money can our parents send it to western union? pls do give us advices. God bless! MOre power

  108. nenen said

    This site is very informative, thanks. good day. I have friends (an architect & an engineer) working in dubai, I am also aspiring to get a visit visa in Dubai and try my luck & hunt for jobs there. I am 25 years old & a registered nurse without experince yet. Are nurses in demand in hospitals in Dubai? Will they hire nurses even without experience?
    Thank you very much.

  109. galit sa indiano said

    Kung maghahanap kayo ng trabaho d2..cguraduhin nyo lng hindi indiano mga amo nyo.Pinakamababa mgbigay ng sahod at ang babaho pa.Kaya sa mga ngaapply sa mga agency jan sa pinas. ask nyo muna cla kung ano nationality ng amo nyo.Ang mahirap pa nito sa loob ng ofis nyo cla ang mattaas ang sahod pro kung tutuusin aasa nman lahat2 sa pinoy.That is just based on my experience here and i think most of our “kababayans” experience here..So black that is whay you got cheaper rates because you dont know nothing.You’re onl;y good in eating your very bad smell curry and chiken biryani.

  110. ishaq said

    What is the procedure and what will happen if a person go to kish or qesham islands and stuck over there if the company or anyone don’t send him/her the visit visa again? In a bad scenario he/she don’t know anyone over in dubai and he/she on the assurance of company who said that they will send the visit visa has not send the visit to he/she, in that situation what can be done from kish or qesham island????
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  111. mark said

    Hello to everyone, gaya ng karamihan dito, i am also planning to go to dubai as a tourist then find a job there, i am an engineer, marurong po ako autocad, pero wala pa po ako experience.. ask ko lng po kung my chance ako makakita ng trabaho (kahit ano trabaho) kahit wala po ako experience,.. any advice or opinion will be much appreciated..
    thanks 🙂

  112. This site is very helpful to all the Filipinos who want to work and try their luck at Dubai. Like us, my husband and I planned to leave Philippines within this year going to Dubai to try our luck there and have a better life.. We planned to have a VISIT VISA first, but of course we are still applying Job thru internet and if lucky enough got a working visa from the Agency. But worst comes to worst we are going there having a visit visa..

    Guys, anyone here who can help us.. how to to get a place which is cheap but safe to stay?

    How hard or easy to get a job at Dubai with a VISIT VISA Holder ?

    Please Guys, if anyone here are willing to share their experiences about Life in Dubai.. please Feel free to visit my site and send us messages..

    Website: http://kenjch.multiply.com
    Email: anjch_anjch@hotmail.com, anjch_anjch@yahoo.com
    Anyways, thanks for having like this site and forum really BIG HELP… see yah!!

  113. Raffy said

    To Black….

    I dont think that when it comes to the competitiveness Indians beats the Filipino’s you know why?its the other way around Filipino’s beat the Indians in every field or profession,we go to the numbers according to CNN i was in Saudi Arabia watching news in CNN it turned out to be that there three countries which are the major source of Migrant workers globally. First is China out of 1.4(estimated) billion population there are 30 million chinese migrant workers scattered around the globe, meaning 2.1% of the population,second are the stinky Indians,out of 1.2(estimated)billion population there are 20 million Indian migrant workers scattered around the globe meaning it accounts for 1.6% of their entire population,Black you know who’s the 3rd?Filipino’s which has around 9 million,now, Mr. or pareng Black, you do the math on how many percent out of only 87 million filipino’s around the globe and you yourself can say who’s competent enough,what you see isn’t always what you get pare ko…

  114. Ricardo said

    I really wanted to go to Dubai and land a Job. I am skeptical about getting a Job immediately using visit visa.I am currently working in a webhosting company, the world’s largest company, for almost 2 years. Do you think that with my experience, mkakahanap agad ako ng work doon. Kung meron po kayon alam na websites na pede applyan, please send me naman po..my email address is wizardguyph@hotmail.com

    Your response and help would be greatly appreciated.

  115. leila said

    hello to everyone, I just want to ask what is the best way in applying a tourist / visit visa in Dubai? Im presently here in Doha Qatar, working as a Private Tutor and im planning to move on to dubai after I finish my 1 year contract here in Qatar.

    Any advise or feedback, you can post it here or email me at akosilanie78@yahoo.com

    Thank you very much.

    More power on ths site.

  116. bbhert said

    admin taning ko lang may maitutulong ba ang mastral units sa pahahanap ng trabaho sa dubai kasi may masteral units ako as master in nursing….thesis nalang po ang kulang kasi plano ko pumunta ng dubai this july…nurse po ako 2 years experience ko dito sa pinas pero hindi sa hospital..sa classroom po nagtuturo pa ako ng nursing subjects…malaki po ba chance hanap ng trabaho..gagamit po ako ng visiting visa..sana matulungan nyo po ako….

  117. anyone who knows the STEPS to have a VISIT VISA?

    anyone who knows the STEPS to have a VISIT VISA?

    anyone who knows the STEPS to have a VISIT VISA?

    thanks admin wonderful and informative site…

  118. terry said

    Hi! Good thing admin. you have this blog. Very infomarmative. Good job.I am a dentist, my employer at abu dhabi is currently processing my visa to work in his company and he requires me to bring a dental assistant with me, which will be hired too. Is there anyone graduate of dentistry or nursing course, interested to go with me to abu dhabi? She will work as my dental assistant. Gusto ko lang makatulong sa mga gusto ring makarating sa abu dhabi.

  119. Hernan S. Paguntalan said

    hi. pinoy hitman and to everyone na puedeng sumagot sa question ko po.

    ask ko lang kung papanu na-ilakad authentication ng mga papers through DHL? andito kasi ako sa malaysia ngayon waiting na visa for abu dhabi. but the company which i will be employed hindi nag advise na dapat authenticated mga documents ko.
    nalaman ko lng sa friend ko sa abu dhabi.
    I have all my original documents with me dito sa malaysia. tanong ko lang kung puede bang ma authenticate mga ito without necessarily for me to go back to the philippines?
    paki sagot lng po. salamat.

  120. terry said

    nenen, nabasa ko na RN ka, naghahanap ka pa rin ba ng trabaho?Interesado ka ba for abu dhabi?email me your CV if interested: ibngdental@yahoo.com

  121. apple said




  122. cy-cy said

    hello admin! thnx for creating this site, it’s very informative and inspiring. I have plans to work abroad but my problem is where to start. I’m 25 yrs old, currently working in a large local bank here in the Philippines for almost 3 yrs now first as a clerk and then as an Audit Staff for 8 months nw. I just passed the CPA board last year. I only receive a salary of 12k a month, independently living in Manila (galing kc me ng probinsya). With the amount of salary that I received, d po tlaga kya my mga kng ano anong deductions pa yan. Gustuhin ko mng makatulong ng maayos sa pamilya ko but I just can’t kya pinapasa-Dyos ko nlng ang mga needs nla. I just want to ask if there is really a green pasture waiting there. Mkkakuha kya ako ng work thru online application coz I’m hesitant to try the visit visa? Nkkahanap po ba tlaga agad ng work? I have friends working there but I’m not sure if they will help me out. I tried to approach one of them pro alang reply..Another thing also na ngppahina ng loob ko is the school which I attended (d kc sikat) and the work experience , I wnt to shift into accounting but I don’t have any background of such work..hehehe.

    Your response will be highly appreciated. Thank You.

  123. hello im marissa visit visa here in dubai i have work but still my visa status is visit visa my question is what will be happen to me if the police here in dubai knows my situation?am i deport or kulong?huhu wg nman sna godbless!

  124. jason said

    hello everyone.. im from the Philippines,i was directly hired by an employer going to Dubai. my question is there any way that i can travel without passing through POEA due to lack of time. I already have my working visa and my employer already booked me a ticket…tnx .please anyone answer my question it would greatly appreciated..tnx

  125. Joseph CPDZ said

    Good Info!

    I want to get the BIG SHOT Job..


  126. Hsin said

    Hi Admin, This is a wonderful blog site. Thank you for keeping it up!

    I’m based in the Philippines and jusr recently accepted a relocation offer from Dubai. It’s an American company that needed to hire people for their middle east headquarter based in the Jebel Ali free port zone. They are working on my employment visa as I speak.

    They are giving us housing allowance of 115k dhs per year, but when we went to our look-see trip couple of weeks ago. most two bedroom apartments or houses around the area shown to us by the agents are up to 175k! Is that the real cost of rent now? Do you have tips for us to source cheaper rent that is close to the Jebel Ali free zone area? We want to try to stay away from the Deira side because we did experience the heavy traffic during rush hours.

    I will be sponsoring my husband, but I want to find out what kind of paper work he needs to do with POEA. He just started requesting his TOR and diploma, so that means we’ll probably have to have the paperworks sent to us overseas.

    Thank you!

  127. bez said

    hi terry..I’m also planning to go to abu dhabi..actually i already have a visit visa and i’m just waiting for my flight schedule..I’m a registered nurse po and currently working as a clinical research medical staff..nabasa ko po kasi na in need ka ng dental assisstant..can I send you my CV?..slamat po.

  128. jraz said

    Hi we are very blessed and thankful that we have read your site, we have a lot of questions in mind with are plan in going to Dubai holding a visit visa and you know …pinoy style . it help me a lot after reading your message ,very useful information.Thank you so much and we will inform you whenever we find job once we get in there.

  129. terry said

    Hi bez, i’m sorry the employer told me that he needs a dental graduate for dental assistant position. Even not a board passer as long as she finished the dental course. Anyone underboard dental graduate who wants to work at abu dhabi???email CV: ibngdental@yahoo.com

  130. hi everyone and specially to the administrator hello’

    Actually right now, someone is fixing our visit visa’s already at dubai. Me and husband will try our luck there. BUt still i have a lot of questions that pop in my mind. I just want to assure that we have enough pocket money for both of us while staying there. I met somone who is willing to help us to find a job and willing to accomodate us for 2 days and then she will help us to find a place to stay too after that.

    another thing are, if ever this is the first time we are going to travel abroad. So we are not really familiar yet what are we going to do as soon as we arrive at the manila airport, to hongkong then from honkong to dubai? please help u. reallty appreaciate

    Please help us:
    1. how much pocket money will we prepared for both of us me and husband? except for the money we need for our visa’s and ticket because we are going to pay 2900dhs as of today as they told me.
    2. what are do’s and don’t s from the manila airport to hongkong to dubai airport?
    3. what are the possible questions that will going t0 ask from manila airport to hongkong to dubai?
    4.please help us how to find a job easily or what are we going to do to be able to find a easily right away?

    thanks for the help in advance. Really appreciate it. please help us. Im kinda nervous.

  131. Hi admin and to all the people here, please help me..

    im having a hard time about my authenticated transcript.

    i already done authenticating this to DFA.

    the problem was how can i send this to UAE to have a red ribbon tag as they told me

    because my transcript need to authenticate by UAE embassy.

    i already went to LBC, they told me “yes we can send that to UAE but sending back to

    you , we dont know that” so im confused because my friends told me that i will just

    wait for a week to receive the UAE authenticated transcript.

    1. will i send my transcript to UAE Country or UAE Embassy in manila?

    2. what will i do so i will able to receive my transcript after sending it?

    3. how much?

    please help me here too.. im really need your advices.

    thanks very much!!

  132. Hsin said

    Hey Anjch,

    Check out this site for the information and process you need for your paperwork. http://www.vjcamba.com/?p=22

    Below is the location of the UAE Embassy.

    UAE Embassy
    2nd floor Renaissance Building
    215 Salcedo St. Legaspi Village
    Makati, PO Box 2221
    Metro Manila, Philippines
    Tel: + 632 817 3906; Fax: + 632 818 3577

    If you are married, make sure that you have your marriage certificate certified by NSO and authenticated through the same process as well. I’m not so sure about the cost but I think the UAE embassy charges 1,500 for the authentication.

    Since you are entering Dubai on visit visa, make sure you have all your sponsor’s information when you go through immigration. Do not tell the immigration officer that you are going there to look for work, just tell them that you are visiting a friend. Be prepared if they ask you how long you plan to stay there. I’m not sure if you have a return flight ticket but they usually look for that when you are entering as a tourist. If HongKong is just a lay over stop, you will not have to go through HK immigration at all.

    You will have to prepare P750 per person for the airport tax, and depending whether this is included in your ticket, P1620 per person for travel tax at the Manila airport.

    If you have an open line cell phone, you can buy a pre-paid sim when you land in Dubai for around 70dhs. That will get you connected when you go job hunting.

    Before you leave, make sure you have prepared copies of your resume and documents (TOR etc) so it’s ready to hand out when you get to Dubai.

    Although it’s illegal to sublet rooms in Duba (only married couples and relatives are allowed to live in the same house), there are a lot of ads you can find online that sublets rooms for starters.

    Please do a lot of research online before you leave. There is still a lot of opportunities in Dubai but you have to be very careful and thorough. The cost of living from an housing standpoint is extremly high in Dubai so consider all aspects before you decide.

    Best of luck!


  133. terry said

    Hi Anjch,
    Regarding UAE authentication, only DHL knows how to send to embassy then embassy

    to you. So look for the service of DHL. Authentication will cost you Php.1,700.00 per

    documets. You will attached managers check, address to UAE embassy,with the

    documets. TOR and diploma considered as one documents, so that is 1,700.00. It will

    take 2 weeks to finish at embassy. I hope this would help you.

  134. meldz said

    Hi everyone! Was browsing the net looking for cheap fares going to Dubai when I came across this site. Reading through all the posts, i find it very helpful and very informative. I already have a visit visa but i still dont have a ticket for dubai. Where can I find an agency who will issue yung “dummy ticket” na sinasabi nila?

    My friend who is suppose to take care of all these things, nagastos ang pera na ibinayad namin sa kanya. There were three of us who paid 65 thousand each last June 3, 2008 pa, Its for the visit visa, one way plane ticket with the “dummy ticket” and two months room rental. Buti naman at naunang naprocess yung visa ko kaya natanggap ko yesterday. The other two na nagbayad wala pa ring papers till now. Nalaman na lang namin na naubos na ng kaibigan namin ang pera and the worse thing there is nakalipad na pa sya papuntang Dubai nung Juy 5, 2008.

    Yung pinsan nya na nag-sponsor sa amin, nacontact ko at ibinalik sa akin 50% nung ibinayad ko. Parang lumalabas na 32, 500.00 pesos ang binayaran ko para lang sa visit visa ko.

    Kahit ganun ang nangyari, I still wanted to go to Dubai coz I have already resigned from my job (sales and marketing) last January 2008.

    Please help me whom to contact for the tickets and if merong makarefer kung san ako pwedeng tumuloy when I get to Dubai. Sinasabi nung pinsan ng kaibigan namin na nanloko sa amin na puno na daw sila sa flat nila. Di na talaga namin mababawi yung for room rental na ibinayad namin.

    Will really appreciate all your advises.

  135. bez said


    hi..you can also look for any wwwexpress they are affiliated with dhl, they will be the one responsible for sending your docu to UAE embassy and back to you ..terry is right..1 document costs 1700php and as for my paper it was delivered back to me within 5 days. Their service is really superb.


  136. cher said

    glad to have seen this forum..very helpful.

    anybody knows how much is the cost of the visit visa now, as of today? please…tumaas raw kasi?

  137. Anjch Angeles said

    Hi Hsin, terry and bez:

    Thanks for all the info you have given me its really appreciateed.

    Anyway, i already sent my TOR thru DHL and i paid 1700 +435 (for fee and for managers check).

    1. Do we really need to be authenticate the marriage contract? what if i just had a NSO authenticated marriage certificate? is it that good enough?

    2. The process of our visa are included the tickets one way and the return dummy tickets for 2900 dhs.our flight is on july 30 and retuen dummy tickets sked will be ated august 30. My friend told me if ever our immigration ask us what are we going to do there? just tell that we are going to visit my cousin in ajman. The return tickets is on august 30, if the immigration ask us how long are we going to stay there, i we must tell them for just a month. but my questions was, are the people in the immigration will not suspect that because my friend ask us to bring the company ID here so they would know we still have work here so we will go back for sure but that is after a month, maybe they will think that good thing my boss here in phil allow us to have vacation for a month? what is the best answer is? please help

    3. the airport tax and travel tax , we are going to pay that on manila airport right?

    4. TOR or resume: my friend remind us DO NOT BRING any CV or transcript or any USD f;lasg drive that has a save copy of our Cv because it will obvious that we are going to look for a job there?

    5. yah, its really expensive. my problem now are the place to stay, i met a good friend even though i havent met her personally she still kind enough to let us stay in her pad for 2 days and that 2 days we need to look for a place to stay.. the probkem is, i dont know how can we look for a place to stay there.. i hope god is good enough he will not allow us to sleep on the road. ='( i hope we will be able to find a place to stay right away so we can look for a job right away too.,..

    i hope there are filipinos who is willing to help..

    guys , thank you very much!!! i hope you can stoll help me here!!

    A BIG THANKS TO YOU GUYS!!!! Godbless,

  138. Hsin said

    Hi Anjch,

    Your friend may be right not to bring copies of the CVs, it can look suspicious. Although they hardly search your baggage though. To be on the safe side, just send them to your webmail and download it when you need them.

    I also don’t think the immigration will question the length of your vacation. Just be confident and casual. Dress up a little too so they don’t feel like you don’t have enough money to stay that long.

    As for the marriage certificatet, the reason why it’s safer to have it authenticated is beacause in case one of your visit visa expires and only one has found a job, the one with a job can sponsor the spouse as husband/wife visa so that both of you can continue to stay in Dubai. The marriage certificate will have to be required to be able to do that. I am not sure if NSO authentication is enough because mine is being sent to DFA as well. Maybe you can consult the DHL guys to find out.

    The airport and travel tax should be paid at the NAIA airport.

    Although it’s technically illegal for unrelated people or unmarried couples to stay under the same roof, there are a lot of people that sublets their apartment rooms. That might be your best bet while you are on job hunting. There are numbers of online classified that will give you an idea of the cost. You can check this site for more information: http://www.dubizzle.com

    As long as you do your research properly and know your strengths, you should be able to find a job quickly. Your first job might not be your ideal job but at least it’ll get you going for a while until you settle down. We know a friend who went to Dubai on a wife visa and found a secretarial job that pays 4kdhs in 4 days. 🙂


  139. bez said

    hi everyone..hi admin..ask ko lana gpo sana..totoo nba tlaga yung new regulation about visas..na starting august, 1 month nlang valid ang visit visa then hindi na pwede mag renew?..and if ever daw na gusto mag extend for 3 months eh 2000 dirhams ang kelangan..haaay..nakakalungkot naman. Super risky na tlaga..

  140. lonelypink said

    hello bez

    yup, its true that starting August 1 eh may bago ng regulations regarding visit visa cost…its now 500 AED for 1 mo validity only and if you want 3 mos..it will cost you 1000 AED…so sad but its true.

  141. zipzorps said

    hi everyone. im here in dubai and im reading posts to because i also looking for answers. ill tell you my story. I’ve been like going back and forth here in dubai for 3 times now. my first visit was 2004, wasnt able to find a good job and i came back in the philippines. i tried last 2006 and still failed. last may, i had to go back here since, i see that our country is hopeless already. you may ask how am i able to afford those three visits? my sister is working as a cabin crew so i get free tickets to travel, and was allowed to stay at her accomodation for free 60 days a year. you would ask why didn’t i get a job during my 2 attempts? i can say i might be too picky.. i have my brackets to get a proper salary offer. i had IT experience back there in the philippines. so way back 2004, my focus was to get a job related in IT. i had interviews in hotels but was offered to work as room boy and stewarding. i didnt accept. due to pride reasons but now i realized that working in a five star hotel might be rewarding. they offer like 1500dhs basic pay, plus tips. i disregarded those things before since i was looking for IT positions. why am i saying this? look, 1500dhs salary in a 5 hotel isnt bad. they have a decent accomodation plus benefits. after having a lot of interviews on this 3rd try of visit.. i was able to prove what our other kababayans were saying. dubai has changed a lot for the past years. tight competition is right. not only among with us filipinos and indians.. but with other western nationalities too. (have heard that they were receiving salary offers twice or thrice as what filipinos gets) I noticed that there are also growing numbers of chinese and africans recently. those are the individuals that we have to compete with. and as i was saying, i had interviews but all i got was very low salary offers.. they would say that “theres an indian who is willing to accept this(small) amount. its really not fair. but i know this is how things work here now. given that “low offer” everyone back there in the philippines must really try to think a lot before risking your money and lives going here with visit visa. during my first try here, i was wiling to take low offers thinking that its only for a start. but now i was left hanging. everything here is rising. yes, the development is huge! from tall buildings, extreme architechture and so on. but along with that is, they started to charge mall parking, they even have what they call SALIK. its like our NLEX and SLEX there. they have areas which they will charge you as you pass by. its not like our toll ways there. they will charge you for passing by a bridge, or a particular street. accomodation rents are going up too.. there are rumors that taxes will be soon implented. malls are starting to charge their parking slots for a whopping 100dhs (in BURJUMAN).

    i was disappointed with the offers i was getting. no matter how i wanted the job, i still couldnt get it because i was thinking how am i gonna survive with that amount? how am i suppose to send money to my relative? how am i suppose to save for myself? and another thing, i discovered that not all of the companies are giving, well not giving accomodation is not new. transpo allowances or food. but during my most recent interview, i found out that there were companies that doesnt give even a medical benefits. and another thing, no free round tickets for a vacation back in the philippines! its even a good company!

    for you “bez” yes its true that new visa regulations will be implemented on august 1. you can get a visa for 90 days worth 1000 dhs. not 2000. think a lot before going here. because now i am having a hard time here considering i am not having so much problem with allowances etc. but being away from home, false hopes in even harder. consider applying over an agency there and its better to go here with a job offer at hand. and the weather is terribly hot these days, its really hard going to interviews with your wet underarms, uncomfortable feeling because of the heat outside.

    i am not sharing these to discourage my fellow filipinos. maybe your guts will get you a job, but also think that once you’re trapped in the hole or the job that you dont really like, that can cause another trouble.

  142. annesca said

    i am a first timer applying in abroad, and while im waiting my passport to be done, i keep searching and looking for the best step, to go to dubai, i have fren there she is willing to sponsor me, just to get me, but, i have many question on my mind, one thing is that there is a news, this coming august the visa will rise, and the visitor is not allowed to work.. eh, my plan is to apply as tourist first,,, then apply job there, im scared,….kc knti lng money ko itataya ko laht… ntatakot ako baka wlang manyari sken…

    can u give advice kung ano dapt kong gawin???

    ako lng kc inaasahan sa amin.. kya as much as possible wlang masasayang ni singko sa gagastusin ko….

    hope to hear from you po..


    your site is big help for us..

  143. zipzorps said


  144. Anjch Angeles said

    Hi Hsin,

    Wow, i would to thank you for kindess and spending some time to teach me some do’s and don’ts there. Im so happy the theres wa people like you who is willing to give some guidelines even just to help.

    You know, i just feel so sad now and at the same time quite nervous because i was trying to message all the people i knew rom college that already working in dubai if they can tell me if they knew some place to stay even just a bed space for both of us. But sad to say, until now it sees no one would like to help us. Although some of my friends are trying there best to help me but i guess most of them doesn’t want to help us and i dont know why. Im not asking to adopt us for free we are willing to pay in the amount we can.

    Ive been trying to look at the internet but i couldn’t find anything. I visited a lot of website that i know it could help us to find a place even bed space or small room which is quite cheap and safe. but i cant find anything.

    Please ANY PEOPLE HERE who is wiling to help and to you too HSIN, maybe you know some place which we can stay while looking for a job.

    im praying someone who have a good heart here who can help us. PLEASE!!

    Again, HSIN. i would like to thank you for all the effort to answer most of my questions here.. you are so kind maybe that is why you are bless.

    Goodluck to you and goodluck for us too.


  145. Anjch Angeles said

    Hi bez,

    as far as i know its true, that is why the one i met in the net told me we need to be there in dubai within the range of dubai or else it will be more hard for us to look for a job.

    and i know to renew it you are going to pay 1000dhs. But im not really sure!!!


  146. Hi Meldz, HI HSIN

    Wow that is so sad to hear MELDZ

    If you want i can recommend you who fixed our vsit visa and tickets with a dummy tickets. kase we paid 2900 dhs each for visit visa and tickets with dummy tickets already.

    MELDZ if you want we can go there together. with you other friends pra mas safe diba.. madami tyu.. hehe!!

    Just give me a message thru email.

    HI HSIN,
    anyway, before anything else.
    i would like to say thanks you bery to HSIN, for all the answer to my quetsions about dubai.

    but unfortunately i fee so sad now and quite nervous. I try ro message most of the people i knew that now leaving an dworking in dubai if they can help us to look for a place we can stay in. But sad to know until now no one is replying. My god im nit asking them to adopt us, im just asking of they can help us and we are reallu willing to pay as much as we can. But some other friends, im thankful because they are still trying also to reach some people they knew if there still a place we can stay.

    PLEAE HELP US. To all the people here. If anyone who knew some place we can stay while looking for a job, cheap but safe, like bed space or sharing to a flat. me and my husband wer going there this coming july 30th. PLEASE GUYS!! i BADLY NEED HELP!!

    I know GOD will god us there. TO HSIN, please if you know also some place can you help us.

    I wil really appreciate it very much!!! thank you so much!!!!

    emai: anjch_anjch@yahoo.com


  147. PLease GUYS,





  148. Hi BEZ,

    yes… its true a friend told me na starting august 1 month nlang pwde mag stay sa dubai for visit visa and need to exit na at ang pag renew daw 1000dhs additional.

    kaya nga talagang sinikap namin na makakapunta kmi ng within the july range sabi kase ng kakilala namin pilitin namin para ma accomodate padin ung 2 months stay.

    haaay sobrang sad!!!

  149. Hsin said

    Hey Anjch,

    I think the best way is not to rush going there unless you have everything set. It’s a huge financial risk to go there without settling at least a place to stay for a month while you look for a job. You need to go prepared and at least have extra money to pay the bed space.

    Please think through it carefully first ok? I know it’s a huge opportunity but it is also a huge risk if you’re not careful.

    We’re still in the paperwork stage and will be in Dubai around mid August. Although we have already visited Dubai as tourists in June. I can tell you that Dubai is not as rosy as it seems and poverty still exists within the blue collar workforce. Think it through ok?


  150. lonelypink said

    hello everybody!

    its the reality that most of the filipinos here are facing with, finding accommodation so better think hard if you still want to go to dubai..its not that easy now.

  151. Corabel said

    Required documents-
    I was accepted by Aswan Language School. I was referred to a site which does the processing of work visa and work permit. I got a response that I should wait for my turn. is that correct?

    I graduated from a U.S. university. I have my U.S. TOR and diploma with me, all originals. I gather I will have to bring these documents to the U.S. Embassy in Manila, correct? and not the CHED of our country, since I didn’t graduate from a Philippine schools. Is this logic correct?

    My Philippine passport is new. My copy of my birth certificate is already authenticated by the National Stat Office.

    Do I still have to bring my U.S, acquired TOR and Diploma which are U.S. Embassy certified to Malacanang?

    Then, I will have to send all of the originals to the UAE Embassy in Manila? Is this correct?

    What are the purpose of these authenticated documents? These are required for residency visa? Do I understand this correctly?

    Please help me. Since I have so many questions, when you send in your reply, please copy the question or write your reply beside each question .

    Thank you.

  152. sheng said


    i’m going to Dubai by August with a Tourist Visa. I’ve been working in Qatar and Bahrain in a same company as a saleslady. I can speak English very well since i’ve been working too in a call center here in Cebu. Aside from that, i am very good in Arabic language. I am an undergraduate of dentistry and i’m planning to apply even a receptionist or as a secretary. Yet, i don’t have an experience in the job category. don’t u think that’s possible? thanks, and God bless u.

  153. Angel said

    Hi, what agency assisted you for your authentication of your requirements?
    is it advisable If i will apply for a visa on my own? What are the requiremnts para i grant nila ako ng visa? Anong magiging reason why they will not give me a visa? Ilang percent ang denial for visa application? Hope you can give more information.
    I am a B.S Nursing Graduate but i just practice for 1 year as a trainee nurse and now i am connected in Real Estate as a Sales Manager. Do you think i have a door in their country? thnks.

  154. joshuasx1 said


  155. unnang said

    hi! just like everybody i have a lot of questions also on how to go to dubai. im planning to go there ds coming oct. actually i started na to process some of the required papers like tor & diploma being authenticated. my questions are: required ba talaga na may mgsponsor sau para makakuha ng visit visa? is there any travel agency na pwedeng sila na bhalang mghanap ng sponsor for u? & can someone give me an idea kung magkanu aabutin ang airfare (one way)? thanks. . .

  156. Patrick said

    hi everyone

    id like to go to dubai and look for a job via visit visa. i am an undergraduate of architecture. im good at autocad (2d and 3d), im also good in 3dsMAX rendering using vray, i could say im good because when i show my works to my friends they are impress and even asks me if i could teach them. and all of my friends is in the field of architecture, some are already an architects.

    anyway my question is, could i find a job there, even if im an undergraduate?

  157. cher said

    Thanks for this wonderful and very informative forum.

    I’ll be in Dubai as tourist this 1st week of August. Can i safely bring FOREVER LIVING product there? My cousin who’s working there asked me to bring one for her medication. I am scared doing that because base on my research there are medicines that are forbidden there.

    Please shed light on this because i dont wanna end up in jail there…please…

    tnx a lot admin

  158. rhaine said

    Visitors wishing to visit UAE must from now on apply for tourist visas, it was reported on Wednesday.

    The new regulations replace the old ‘visit’ visa option available to citizens of 79 countries, including the sub-continent and most of the Middle East, the UAE daily Gulf News quoted Major General Mohammad Ahmad Al-Merri, Director General of Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD) as saying.

    People applying for a visa will have to pay a refundable deposit of 1,000 dirhams ($272) with separate visas issued for, for example, medical treatment or study, the report added.

    “We will know why each person is coming here for and the sponsor will be responsible for the visitor. This will address the issue of illegal overstayers,” Al-Merri said.

    Additionally, the 34 nationalities who were previously able to obtain a free visit visa for 60 days upon arrival in the UAE will now have to pay 100 dirhams for a 30-day visa, according to the new rules, the report added.

    The DNRD and the Economic Department met with representatives of hotels, tourist agencies, hospitals and educational institutions on Wednesday to brief them on the new federal visa changes and how they will be implemented.

    Visa runs to Kish Island, Oman and other neighbouring countries have also been stopped. People wanting to change their visas must return to their home countries.

    “Nobody can now go on these visa runs. We don’t want people to get stuck [on these trips],” said Al-Merri.

    Visa applicants coming back from any of the neighbouring countries of the UAE will have their applications rejected.

    A visit visa will also not be converted into a work visa, Al-Merri said: “Applicants will have to go back to their home country and wait for the work visa, which will be authorised by the Ministry of Labour,” he said.

  159. raquel said

    to all kababayan who wish to come in dubai

    checkout this website…
    http://www.gulfnews.ae http://www.gulfnews.com/nation/Immigration_and_Visas/10232635.html

    Published: July 23, 2008, 13:51

    Dubai: People caught working on a visit visa will be fined more than Dh50,000 and banned from entering the UAE and those employing them will face harsh penalties, a senior interior ministry official said on Wednesday.

    Under the new rules each visa applicant will have to pay a Dh1,000 refundable deposit, Mohammad Ahmad Al Hammadi, Director of the Department of Entry Permits at the DNRD, said.

    Resident expatriates who bring their spouses on a visit visa can change it to a residence visa, but they cannot work, he said. Each application will be studied carefully before issuing it and the application should be logical.

    Individuals and companies can apply for visit visas, he said. Tourist visas can only be applied for by licensed travel agencies and hotels. They cannot be submitted by individuals. The official said there would be no visa runs to nearby countries.

    “People who go there from the UAE after the expiry of their visa will not be issued a new visa. It is best for them to go back to their country and wait for their visa to enter the UAE again,” he said.

    He said a visit visa holder will be allowed to enter the UAE once within two months from the date of issue of the visa.

    Residents can apply for a visa for their spouse or blood relative. Expatriates will not be allowed to sponsor friends. And sponsoring other blood relatives will require approval of an undersecretary of the Interior Ministry or their representative.



  160. lonelypink said

    hello everybody!

    What have rhaine said and restated from one of the newspaper here are crystal clear, so all of you guys planning to go here should think a hundred times before doing so.

    If you still have your job in the Philippines i think it would be better to stay there or if you are persistent to go to Dubai or anywhere here in the UAE, I would suggest that you apply with our accredited agencies there and go with the legal process of getting an employment visa.

  161. ranelo said

    hi! good day to all kababayan in dubai…i am so interested to look for a job in dubai. nandito po ako sa malaysia ngayon working for just a rm800 pr month. someone told me to come her in malaysia para mag trabaho dn the sallary is about 3-5000rm. when i arrive her i stay for 3 weeks in hotel without any job. it means na loloko ako.
    (life is full of shit).. so sad kasi i have 2 kids dn my older son is special child so i really need a good job. my is life full of pagsisi.kaya nagbaka sakali ako na maka pasuk sa dubai. college level lang ako as bsee dn grad ako ng computer technician. do u think kababayan maka pasok ako sa dubai? i am looking also for someone na maka help me to get a job in dubai..kababayan, if you have any info please email me..rbensig@yahoo.com..

  162. cher said

    good day po sa lahat!

    i’ll be leaving ngaung 15 na po, that’s friday..ang fear ko, there are a lot of hearsays (kung hearsays ba talaga) na andami raw nastranded sa immigration at hinde inallow na tumuloy ng dubai dahil they saw the credentials of those under visit visa…

    Guys tulong naman please kung totoo ba ito kasi if this is true then i will find other way to hide my credentials…please help….

    Those who are with working visa d na ba iniipit ng immigration..please sagot naman o

  163. girlie said

    hi, goodday,
    im intersted to go to dubai, to work there but my documents is not complete i dont have diploma since im only college leve, im 39 may mga work pa ba available at may age, im interested as,front desk or house keeping or kahit ano na fit pa para sakin thank hope to give me more info thanks

  164. ian said

    nandito sa dubai now. sobra hirap maghanap ng work. sobrang init din. been here almost a month and anlabo ng rules nila… lagi na lang sinasabi na magbibigay ng guidelines. sana ginawa nila yung law eh may guidelines na. eto kami andaming di pa maintidihan ang new rule. we know about dun sa bagong visa ang problema eh papano yung nakakuha ng visa prior to aug 1? pwede ba silang mag extend pa ng one month just like the old law? if yes, how long? how much? if not, kailangan ba na bumalik talaga sa pinas? kasi hindi naman pwede sabihing renewal ang samin kasi kung mag exit sa kish, eh babalik naman na naka tourist… grrrrr i tried to email DNRD, hanggang ngayon wala pa sagot.

    kaya sa me plano, mag isip ng mabuti. mas ok yung me sure work na para walang sakit sa ulo.

    pero kung sa tingin eh kaya talaga sige, kaya natin to!

    at eto pa, sa mag aapply na visit visa ang gamit, iipit nyo sa magazine ang mga CV nyo para hindi masita. pag nasita kayo, pakiusapan nyo na lang ang pulis na hindi na mauulit.

    good luck sating lahat…. sige maghahanap pa ako trabaho… 🙂 hehehe

  165. love said

    hi kababayans out there in dubai!
    iam super intrested to go to dubai and is very much willing to take the risk… iam scheduled to fly to dubai sept 3. huhuhu though willing to take the risk but still i am very much afraid of what will happen to me…can anyone successful in dubai can help me find a job that would suit my qualification…i took up my bachelor of science in management at silliman univesity and shifted nursing at the same school. graduated 2006. my experiences: i am a store manager for two years lang. can i find a job in dubai???? sobrang woried ako ngayon and so tense na din…please help me…

  166. love said

    is there anybody from dumaguete flying for dubai this september 3??? ey samasama naman tayo, para marami tayo..please text me tru this number +639092467775.

  167. love said

    to pinoyhitman,admin,raymundr,ian and to everybody who are now very successfull there in dubai I am very proud of you guys!!! and thank you so much whoever made this website…so inspiring talaga. thank you from the bottom of my heart…so informative.
    successfyul people mentioned above, I would like to ask for your help! please help me find a job in dubai…pls reply. thank you in advance

  168. thess said

    hello cher!
    kmusta na ikaw dyan sa dubai
    want to know what’s your experience
    pls post naman
    kasi im planning to be there in october also
    om from cebu

  169. love said

    hi ian,
    oi where you nag work? pls help me naman? where you nag stay?

  170. love said

    hi cher and thess
    To cher: where you nag.stay sa dubai. i will be arriving on the 3rd of september.

    To:thess, girl samasama nama tayo punta dubai dai

  171. ice said

    anybody here leaving for dubai on visit visa this 3rd week of september? message me naman..thanks..

  172. tochi said

    hi ice iam planning to go to dubai 3rd week of september with my cousin….why?

  173. hazel said

    hi po..
    mag inquire lng po about sa requirements n kelangan if magwork as a nurse in dubai..
    ung mga credentials po, required bbng nakared ribbon?
    please reply..
    thanks in advance

  174. shaider said

    i just wanna know kung magkano ang basic salary sa uae, gusto ko kasi magwork sa dubai or abu dhabi.
    currently i am working in europe, and i have a european nationality, though my race is filipino.
    gusto ko magwork dyan kasi feeling ko kasi masaya dyan.. tama ba?
    mataas kasi ang cost of living dito sa europe. atsaka madami pinoy dyan hehe.
    gusto ko lang ma experience ang mag work dyan, para masaya. miss ko kasi ang mejo mainit din na weather.
    i dont have any special skills whatsoever so i can work whatever. i am working now in an office as a clerk. but i can work in a hotel, that would be fun i think!! kahit bellboy . iba kasi yung marami ka ring experience kung san san diba para masaya.
    i plan to go there on a tourist visa, but pwede bang makahanap kaagad ng lodging in one day??
    i dont want to stay in hotels kasi super mahal. are there hostel or bed space willing to sublet for 2 weeks lang…?
    any advice/tips would be appreciated.

    yung importante ko palang tanong:
    yung mga papers/documents na na mention sa taas like yung me ribbon from malacanang.. kasama ba yun sa mga ipapasa when you apply for job.. with the cv.. or dun lang yung sa mga magapply ng visit visa?
    kasi based sa aking research i can go there kahit walang visa.
    so pwede na ba akong mag pasa ng mga cv without those aforementioned papers..?(i.e authenticated papers) or are they all asked by the employers too..??

    thanks and greetings,

  175. love said

    hello ice.
    I will be leaving n dubai sa september 3. if you like you can contact me. email me : l.gmay4@yahoo.com.
    are you planning to find for a job in dubai?

  176. love said

    hello po,
    anybody here leaving for dubai, bur dubai ngayong september 3?

  177. ice said

    hi love.

    im already booked on sept. 19, 12a.m ang flight ko..yes i’ll try my luck there as a nurse…

    anyone here leaving on the 19th..email me at waitingtobematched@gmail.com

    hi Tochi.. when is ur flight? i’ll be travelling alone thats why im looking for a buddy..hehehe

  178. love said

    hi ice
    where in dubai are you staying? I will be in bur dubai soon…on the 3rd of sept.where ka na hospital nag apply? nurse din ako.

    kita-kita naman tayo

  179. ice said

    really? i was just invited by my sister whose working there..eh..she’s in deira..decided to give it a shot coz u know the retrogression thing in US..i recently passed the NCLEX exam kse..oh we can be buddies there! yeeey!!

    wats ur email add? i’ll meet u when i get there ha.. =)

  180. Jay said

    Good day,

    Hi, my name is Jay. I’ve been here in dubai since May 05, 2008 as a tourist, of course having a purpose of getting a job. It’s true that there are a lot of jobs available here. Luckily, I’ve found a job that I desired in just 2 weeks that was (May 15) and I gave my documents to the company for them to process my papers after I signed the contract. They assured me that I don’t need to exit no more because they can process my papers before my visa expires. Two months had passed, nothing is happening on my visa and that’s the time that I had to exit to Kish Island. They let me borrowed my passport to proceed to Kish Island with my expense. When I came back (July 07), having I thought that it was too close to get my working visa and to start a work there, I gave back my documents to that same company (July 13)and promised me that I’m going to get my salary on the 28th of July, but I haven’t receive any. Until now there is no news yet, no updates, but promises that they are doing their best to process my papers. And now, for the 2nd time, my visa will be expired on the 7th of this month. They told me not to worry because they are going to process my visa within this week?

    My only question is.. is it possible that they can process my working visa once my tourist visa expired because they told me not to exit the country no more?

  181. sielleR said

    anybody here leaving for dubai on visit visa this last week of september??? please help me naman po… i already have a ticket and visa na but i still dont have a place where i could stay. please please help me po to find a flat/bedspace… thanks so much in advance po!

  182. ice said

    when is your flight sieller?

  183. bb said

    andito po ako sa dubai gusto ko maging AMBULANCE NURSE..sino pwede mag advice para mag apply dito..or sino pwede tumulong po..tulong kahit anong information..male nurse po ako…salamat

  184. bbhertz said

    sa mga nurse dyan pwede hingi advice bago pa lang me dito sa dubai 1 month palang….hirap….dito me sa jumeirah nag stay…dami ko na inapplyan kaso isa lang ang tumawag…tinanggap ako agad pero part time lang 6 weeks kasi mag change ng management kaialngan ko maghanap ng iba kc malapit na mag expire visa ko..nurse cum secretary ako dito mas marami job as secretary kay sa nurse…ika nga kahit saan ilagay ang pinoy kahit d linya kakayanin…

  185. sielleR said

    September 25 po sana ako papabook…

  186. brenli said

    hello poh sa lahat ng pinoy out there…two thumbs up for the author/maker of these site!i Was browsing the net looking for any tips going to Dubai when I came across this site. Reading through all the posts, i find it very helpful and very informative. I already have a tourist visa but i still dont have my ticket pero my bf told me na pwedi daw kunin ung ticket q sa emirates airlines kpg nka check in nq sa NAIA kc don na un binayaran sa dubai,,is that possible?my boyfriend was actually there in dubai he was the one helping me para mkadting din ng budai tru tourist visa..is it possible for me to land a job there since im a fresh graduate of political science here in pinas and i dont have any work experience yet but m willing to take the risk and the chances…
    anoh poh b pde q aplayan jan if possible?

    hi admin,,,i’d love to hear some advice from you soon…

    naka book npoh aq ng october 10 sa emirates airlines,kung cnoh man poh ang paalis d2 puntng dubai with the same schedule pde sabay ntau..hehe,i’m not yet sure about the time pero sa date sure npoh..OCTOBER 10 emirates airlines poh,nkakapanlaw mgbyahe mgisa…

    guys plz paki answer nmn ung mga tanong q d2 kc mlpit npoh alis q eh..tnx in advance..more success sa lahat ng pinoy! kitakitz sa success palace!

  187. Dubai is very nice place to work and live,multinational environment ,it is expensive specially accomodation so you guys have to take care when accepting job offers out there.

    The weather is hot and humid most of the year,get better in winter monthes.

    There is a good website where you can upload your CV and apply for jobs for free:


    Best of luck

  188. Aya said

    wow! buti na lang nakita ko ‘to..

    guys i need your opinion on this..

    im a newly registered nurse and without hospital experience.. pinagiispan ko ngayon kung dapat ba kong pumunta ng dubai xe meron nagoffer na tutulungan nya kong makapasok sa american hospital sa dubai.. pd ba talaga un?

  189. nesh said

    Im planning to get visit visa next week for dubai, what is the procedure & requirements of getting visit visa?

  190. jing said

    dear admin..

    totoo po ba ang presyo ngayon ng tourist visa papuntang dubai is P55,000? kasi yun po ang sinabi sa akin ng kakilala ko

  191. jano said

    hi there

    anyone who was booked on oct 20?
    that is my flight, i was wondering f cno pwede q mkasabay,..heheh dis is my 1st trip abroad e solo p…


  192. Rona said

    Thank you sa mga nagpost po dito.. marami po kong natutunan.. Mga kabayan, I was hired directly by a company at Dubai, nagpost po ko sa Justlanded.com.. nagulat nga ko kasi mabilis nilang naayos ang employment visa ko dun tapos ngayon wait ko nalang po ang documents na verified by the phil consulate sa dubai para maprocess ko sa poea to get my exit clearance then after alis na ko.. Hopefully kita kits tayo sa dubai mga kabayan, email add ko weng_1018@yahoo.com. I was offered accommodation and transportation kaso sa Sharjah pa ko, ok po ba ang makishare nalang sa room sa dubai kahit 6 persons? mahirap po ba at madumi? kasi sayang naman kung pwede kong i-convert sa cash ung free accommodation at transpo ko, para makapagpadala ng mas malaki. Salamat po and God bless sa lahat ng mga nagtatrabaho sa dubai for their families.. (“,)

  193. mark jefferson Gonzales, R.N said

    hi anyone can post a trusted site na pwedeng makapag hanap ng job sa dubai tnx!!

  194. Grace said

    Hello Guys… I’m holding a residence visa in dubai and currently here sa pinas on maternity leave… ask ko lang bout my husband… july last year pa siya nagstart mag work sa dubai under visit visa… for almost a year… nag wowork siya for the same company on visit visa.. naka 5 times na exit na siya until nagkaroon ng bagong rules ang dubai immigration kaya nagdecide siya na sumabay na sakin pauwi… so dito na siya sa pinas nag exit. till now pinapasahod pa rin siya ng company kahit andito sa pinas and then na process na nila yung employment visa niya… iniintay na lang na maipadala. question is.. kailangan pa ba niyang dumaan ng agency? or kailangan lang yung employment visa na verified ng phil consulate, saka contract? then OEC from poea? will appreciate your response.. thanks

  195. ayi said


  196. ayi said

    BBhertz..punta tayo dubai healthcare city..walk in prepare ur CV. ganyan ginawa ng batchmate ko nurse din siya nakakuha agad siya work..

    kaso….female ako…if that’s ok with you.. hehehe..

  197. Salem said

    AED 3100 filipino visa + ticket + sponsor letter + currior to philiines contact on salem_basheer@hotmail.com for booking and more information


  198. Aya said

    hey Ayi.. ask ko lang kung may hospital experience ka na at ung batchmate mo?

  199. Aya said

    Ayi.. ask ko lang kung ikaw at ung batchmate na sinasabi mo ay may hospital experience na?

  200. SAFARI said

    guys im new here i just want to ask questions and im hoping for feedbacks.. im planning to go there in dubai and i need an honest opinion can i get a job there right now? knowing that theres plenty of people(filipinos to be exact) stranded in kish ( i saw it in the news), i am a mass communication graduate 2 years ago and i also have experiences in advertising field.

  201. ViceGovernor said

    To Grace…..try mo punta POEA 2nd floor Ortigas. Sa name hire dept. Just present the employment contract , employment visa, passport,plane ticket,medical exam result, PDOS certificate. Yoong OEC diyan na kinukuha sa POEA ground floor Balik-Mangagawa at magbabayad ka rin OWWA insurance & Philhealth. Ang processing fee namehire ay maliit lng. Hindi ka na dadaan accredited agency POEA kasi nga “namehire” ka.

  202. Edward said

    try mo dito baka yan maka tulong sanyu right now mejo mahirap pumunta ng dubai kasi pabago bag o ng rule siguro mas maganda kung wait pa kayu ng couple of months then update ko kayu for more info…

    Di nyo ba nabalitaan ung news na latest ngayun na maraming na stranded sa Kish Island sa may Iran. kasi nga bago nanaman rule ang sabi nila pag mag eexit sila kailangan nila pag stay outside ng UAE for a month bago sila ulit makabalik… ang gulo nga noh

  203. ito pala ung lubj http://weknowdubai.com

  204. Evelyn said

    jano.. paalis din po ako…sana this oct d p labas visa ko sana oct 20 din book ko …sabay tau…YM add ko evelyn_m_santos@yahoo.com

  205. Karen said


    I’m planning to fly there by end of october, my sister works there and she will process my tourist visa. I have 5 years working experience in general administration in a multi national company and a post graduate degree holder. With the new law in dubai, do you think I can find a job in 1 month or just submit my resume here sa mga agencies in the Philippines para sigurado? Thank you!

  206. Steve said

    Hello everyone! I have a friend/employer who owns a building in dubai. How can I start? What should be the first thing to do? What papers I need from him and papers I need here to provide????

    Please let me know? I’m begging… Thanks & God Bless to all filipinos!!

  207. Merf said

    hello everyone…im a registered nurse here in the phils and im planning to get a visa for dubai…i just wanna know if there are opportunities for me in dubai as a nurse? i have 6months volunteer staff nurse experience…and i am a registered dietitian as well… i’m an nclex passer with visa screen, but still for processing of petition… i am very willing to work in dubai…coz at the moment, we really can’t find jobs as staff nurse here in the philipines… please help….thank you so much

  208. Merf said

    to ayi,may hospital experience po ba batchmate mo? as staff nurse po ba nukuha nya job?kumusta dw po?

    also, i wanna ask, kc im thinking to get resident visa instead of visist visa…would that be better? thank you really

  209. Ryan said

    hello mga kapuso, kapamilya at kabarkada…im presently working in tourism company here in dubai…sa lahat ng gustong pumunta sa dubai pwede nyo akng e email dito sa ryan_viagedor@yahoo.com…tpos ibibigay ko sa inyo lahat ng mga kelangan at dapat gawin…sa lahat ng mga interesado pwede kau mag email.

  210. Church said

    hi guys,

    i have some questions… err… alot of questions… medyo kc naguguluhan aq sa policy ng dubai ngyon…

    1st. me available pa bang 90 days visa for tourist (visit visa)?
    2nd. if not, so 30 days lang ang availble (just for confirmation)?
    3rd. some people are going with dummy return ticket; na di-detect n ba nila un?
    4th. if not in kish or queshm; pede bang sa ibang country mag exit i.e singapore, HK or thai.. o pinas lng ang choice mo?
    5th. sobrang hirap n ba talagang hirap humanap na ng work jan?
    6th. ganun n rin ba kahirap o katagal mag process ng working visa ang Free Zone company or still nka depende pa rin sa company na m proprocess ng working visa mo?

    yun lng po… sa po may masagot questions q.. ^^

    nanggaling na aq ng dubai… umuwe aq ng pinas kc end of contract, im planning to go back but then the world market gone down; lumakas ang dollars VS. peso.. so i thought our economy is well but then bumabalik n nmn sa dati ang lahat…

    i have relatives there in dubai.. inspite of the new policies for visit visa, they still iecourage me to go back there… just that my mom is worried about the news on the new policies…

    thank you.. please do reply on me…

  211. xtee said

    hi admin, and to all our kababayans.. ive just passed the (NLE)nurse licensure exam and wlng png mhanap n work d2 sa phil.:( .ask ko lng po if maraming hospital or company ang nghahire ngaun ng wala png experience, if meron po may alam po ba kayung site n connected directly skanila na pwedeng applyan?? or any advice u can give sa kung anung pwede ko pong gawin?
    besides sa visit visa…Salamat po and Godbless!

  212. chi said

    nice site …very informative xa….

  213. chi said

    ask ko lng dun sa mga nurse, pede b khit 1yr experience lng and paano b mag apply? my alm b kya n agency n pede apply for dubai?thanx…

  214. Going said


    I would just like to know what are the requirements for visiting DUBAi? I’m also coming to Dubai hopefully by November and a friend wants to visit sometime soon. I just don’t know what are the requirements.

    I want to know what are our options since I cannot sponsor him. I have read something that tourist visas could only be applied by travel agents and hotel agents and not by individuals anymore.


  215. Richly said


    This is Richly Tagbacaula from Misamis Occidental Philippines.
    I am looking for a job in Dubai. Currently I am working in the Local Government Unit of Tangub City as Administrative Staff for more than a year already under the City Mayor’s Office. I graduated BS MAthematics and finished it as Cum Laude. I have also gained 8 hour training in line with Statistics at University of the Philippines Los Baños.

    I have a relative in Dubai who wants to help me in obtaining a tourist visa. She said that she can refer me to a travel agency who will then process my visa.

    She cannot sponsor me because she said she has to pay for a bond.She said if only i am her brother then she can sponsor me directly. ANyway I have already a red ribbon meaning all my documents are already authenticated by CHED DFA and Malacanang and the UAE Embassy in the Philippines. By first week of November she will then tell the travel agency to process my papers. My problem is the job. Can a 22 year-old graduated in BS MAthematics work in DUbai? I am afraid I cannot find a job within two months. Can you advise me or help me to find good companies where I can possibly apply for employment? You can then email me on richly121785@yahoo.com.ph

  216. Richly said

    By the way I am a male. Many had said that male applicants can hardly find a job in dubai. Is that true? What are my chances?

  217. aj ang said

    hi i just want to ask..im a registered nurse here in the philippines..and i want to apply as a nurse in dubai..what exams do i need to take for them to hire me?thanks!

  218. focused said

    the truth of the matter is that although dubai is seemingly a safe haven/attractive career environment, i believe otherwise. i really don’t know how much you guys are earning in dubai. regardless of how high your salary is, i assume you must master the value of thriftiness and the art of self=preservation to survive. i work in yemen and, gladly, we get paid in dollars (to my advantage). still, i find the cost of living in dubai rocket-high, i visit dubai at least twice a month and believe me, you would spend a hundred dollars in less than an hour without even knowing where you’ve spent it. transpo palang, taxi grabe ang singil. and traffic is horrendous. i love the country but i can’t imagine staying there for a long period. buti pa dito sa yemen, sobrang mura… cosmetics, grocery, you name it! and the best part of it is i feel unbelievably safe here. safer than anywhere else in the world.

    the universal advice is: adhere to the country’s law and tradition because you are a stranger in their native land. they may adore you, they may favour you, but the locals will nver defend you when you’ve disgraced their land. magpakatatag pero wag magkupal. goodluck sa lahat!!!
    mataas ang respeto at bilib nila sa pinoy. let’s all live up to that expectation. for our generation and the generations more to come.

  219. Mond said


    Hi Sir Admin,

    Thank you sir sa very informative post nyo po. Sir, Im Mond 22 yrs and a registered nurse in the phil. and also my wife. Yung wife ko po my experience na sa hospital and she was already working for 2 years and luckily tinwagan kami ng agency namin, she was offered to work as a nurse in Canadian Specialist Hospital in DUBAI pero ako sadly d natangap kasi 6 months lang experience ko, Kya tinangap ko nlng ung isang offer sakin as a BELLBOY in MARINA HOTEL DUBAI, sir iniiyak ko nangyari sa career ko dito sa pinas, dami kasi naming nurses hirap ma hired…

    Ngyn visa nlng ang hinihintay namin and were expecting it by Jan. to Feb mabigay nasamin. Sana makahanap ako ng Nursing Job sa Dubai pagkatapos ng Bellboy contract ko.Magawa ko po kaya? Sir I have some few question po sana po matulungan nio ako makalipad sa dubai.

    1. Nag pa authenticate na po ako TOR RLE sa CHED AND DFA, BOARD RATING AND BOARD CERT. LICENSE SA DFA,
    Sir what do mean na need pang i pa authenticate sa UAE EMBASSY here in Philippines po ba yun? Or sa Dubai na?

    2. After ng 2 yrs contract ko as a bellboy and nakahanap na po ako ng mapapasukang work as a nurse, anu po ang mga legal documents na kukunin ko from my previous work, and anu po yung mga i sesecure ko sa hospital na lilipatan ko pra makapag work pako LEGALLY sa Dubai? such as working visa etc.?

    3. Pwede po ba akong mag work khit caregiver or assistant nurse? Open po ba ang Dubai dun? and sir kano po basic salary ng Caregiver and asistant nurse if u know po? ^___^

    4. Anu po ung Nurse DOH licence sa Dubai, my qualifying exam po ba ang mga foreign nurses for them to practice nursing in dubai?

    5. My Contract is for 2 years. Kailan po kaya ung tamang time pra mag Apply ako sa mga hospitals or Companies before ending my bellboy contract?

    Eto lang po sir! Sana po mag reply kau sakin kasi hngang ngyn gusto ko parin ma practice ang degree at proffesion ko.. ur answer will help alot. Thank you….


  220. vennet said

    Hi Admin,

    Nice site hope you continue doing your informative opinion. Anyway, my sister-in-law is convincing me to come with her this Feb,2009. Im a CPA with 14 experience in various field. But I’m already above 40 do you think it will be hindrance for me to land a job there? I’m not satisfied with my current job. Im already the Finance and Administrative Manager but my salary is still on the 30k label. Do you think its worth a try to go there. How much do you think is the salary range there?

    Hope you can find time to answer my query.

  221. rb said

    to admin:

    we heard from someone who’s currently working in dubai that the new special mission visa, which allows the holder to stay in dubai for a maximum of 180 days, has an age requirement. is it true that you are entitled for such visa if you are at least 25 years old?


  222. charm said

    I just want to know.What’s the latest news about visas in UEA?I’m still here in the Philippines.please give me some information.thanks…

  223. maristela said

    Hello! Good day sa lahat.. Im 25 years old and a CPA, working in one of the government agencies here in the Phil for almost 4 years. I just wanna ask where can i possibly find job openings in dubai wherein talagang reliable. I want to make it abroad since parang wlang future ung work dito eh. What u are earning is not even enough for a living. Thanks and more power. my email addy is leaseback2009@yahoo.com.

  224. bevz said

    im a registered nurse with 1 yr and 6months hospital experience here in the philippines..i am planning to go on visit visa to dubai by december..do you think i would have a high percentage to get a job?
    please anyone from here,give me a clue..
    this site is really very informative..

  225. Rudolf said

    Hello admin and to my kababayans!
    This site is a blessing to thousands of filipinos…
    Can anyone please answer my questions? Its important and i will appreciate your time to post info’s…

    1.) Im a 3rd year college undergraduate. I’ve heard na kailangan ang red ribbon. Are they going
    to accept my transcrips without diploma for red ribbon?
    2.) I’ve been working in international call center for more than 4 years. Marami din bang
    call center job opportunities sa dubai?
    3.) My girlfriend is also working in dubai. We have plans on getting married. Can we get married
    in Philippine Embassy for civil wedding?
    4.) I will be going in dubai feb 2009. malapit na. How much money do i need?

    Any info will be appreciated. Maraming salamat! God bless!

  226. chel said

    This site is very informative.

    I just want to ask if there is also job offers for librarian. Are the educational institution in Dubai accepts Filipinos?

  227. Lei said

    hi…upon reading all the comments…ang dami kong natutunan..but unluckily, i also have my own dilemna…i first arrived in dubai last May 12, 2008 cyempre on visit visa…after 2 weeks i got job kaso mdyo nahirapan akong pakisamahan ang iba kong katrabaho and unluckily mag1 lang akong babae dun although 3 kming pinoy dun, so after 1 month nagresign and naghanap ng ibang trabaho, day before my 1st exit July 9, 2008 i had an interview and to make d long story short after 1 month of application process nahire ako…ung company n naghire sa akin eh they dont allow their employees to work without employment visa, meaning i need to wait for my employment visa bago p ako magkatrabaho..but during processing of my employment visa inabot ako ng 2nd exit ko Sept 2, 2008 and I had no choice but to get Tourist visa para makapasok ulit ako ng dubai kaso since 1 month lang ung visa ko and September was Ramadan, inabot ng sobrang tagal ang Visa ko and I had no choice but to exit in the Philippines on my 3rd exit and un ngayon ang problem ko…last wednesday dumating n ung Employment Visa ko d2 sa Philippines kaso during evaluation ng documents ko sa POEA eh nakita nila n my affiliate n agency ang company namin d2 sa pilipinas and according to some Republic Act eh hindi inaallow ng POEA n mag-aus ang individual pag may affiliate kau n agency d2 unless n mag-issue ung agency ng clearance allowing you to proceed with the POEA processes all by yourself…BUT noong kausapin ko ung agency, they won’t issue clearance, kailangan daw cla ang mag-aus but noong tinanong ko ung employer ko, d nila alam n nakaregister p cla sa agency n un…and kung papayag ako n agency ung mag-aus it will still take more than 2 weeks kasi may mga job order ek ek p daw n ggwin, plus ung expenses pa eh base on our agreement ticket lang ang sasagutin nila..other than that eh ako na…NOW, what to do…gustong gusto ko n umalis kasi 4 months n akong tengga and konti n lang at bbagsak n ang self-esteem ko dahil sa d matapos tapos n problema para lang sa employment ko sa dubai..ang option ko n lang is either to get another Tourist Visa to Dubai or get Tourist Visa to other Asian country and exit to Dubai..please advise me…thank you so much…

  228. babylipz said

    hello i would like to ask you cant use fake documents my friend tld me he have to use fake requirements kc di daw cya tapos and he’s asking kung mahuhuli daw ba sya sa pagfake or not until now he’s on a visit visa there in dubai but he bring with him this fake papers so how will it works he’s applying secretary and he want to asl kung macheck yung papers nya? pls reply asap so masend ko agaid and pwede isuggest nyo po thanks..

  229. lyra said

    hi admin,

    balak akong kunin ng aswa ko nsa dubai sya ngaun nagwowork 1 month plang sya dun sa jan gusto na nya akong makasunod dun pede kyang husbandsponsorship ang gmitin nya pra madala ako dun gusto ko rin makapag work dun sa dubai isa ako massage theraphy makakahanap kya agad ako ng trabaho dun at kpag nka 1yr na kmi pwede ba nmin isunod sa dubai ang 3namin anak isang 13,12,7yrs old madali lng bang magdala ng pamilya sa dubai?

    pls reply me tn

  230. Allan said

    @ Rudolf

    from what i know, transcripts or red ribbon is not necessary in some job criteria like sales. To professionals, they prefer that their profession is written in their residence visa on their passport so ( that needs a red ribbon ).

    I’m sure there are call centre’s here in Dubai but of course, this is an arab country so they prefer those who can speak arabic. But you can still try, nobody’s stopping you.

    yes, you can get married here in consulate.

    money is very important, the costs will depend until when you will stay without residence visa.

    I hope my answers gave you some idea bro…

  231. chelsea said

    Hi there! I just want to know the documents required if the applicant is an undergraduate? Thanks!

  232. rudolf said

    Thanks allan for the info. I appreciate it. All is set, i’m ready to go to dubai 2nd week of february. I know it isn’t easy looking for a job there but my determination keeps me going. During my day-off, i always read blogs from our kababayans and i learned a lot from them.

    Wait, kelan ba mag-uumpisa tag-init sa dubai? Thanks and God bless!!!

  233. lani said

    Hi! I’m planning to work in dubai february next year. Can anyone tell me kung ano ang red ribbon?
    Do we really have to have it?
    How can i get it?
    How long is the process?
    hinihingi ba ng employers yun?

    please post any info. Salamat!!!

  234. sol said

    many i have read.need ko lang po info blak ko po apply as teacher jan dubai,my husband works der as bus driver 5months

    pa lng sa govt.family visa po ba un 3kids namin blak q sma pagpunta jan.nu dpat gwin ko?..

  235. slimjim said

    hello everyone, merry xmas!! i have a problem,wc concerns my gf who happens to work there in dubai, for the past 2years, until the end of her contract,but now opputunity came knocking a job in canada sed hello to her, ok na po ung application, kaso nga lng sbi ng canadian embassy kelangan nya kumuha ng police clearance jan sa dubai, d2 sya sa pinas ngaun, pinaplantsa ung iba nya pang documents na kelangan,panu po kya? binibigyan lng kc sya ng 60days para iwork out.

  236. Osep said


    I’m very glad to find a site like this which answers questions in a very short time. I’m a gov’t employee working in a provincial engineering office(fifth class province) for 9 years already, I just wanna know my chances if I plan to work in Dubai or even in Abu Dhabi. My brother who’s also a Civil Engineer got a high paying job with a British company there in Abu Dhabi, can this be an advantage(sponsored accomodation )in my applications for a job there in UAE?

    I’m also a licensed CE but with a very low compensation considering already my years in service, I only make Php. 9,600.00 and could hardly make things right for me and my wife with our two kids.

    It was always in my dreams to work in the UAE ever since my brother got there four years ago. I know my chances are slim compared to him with a consultacy firm experience in Makati, but as you have always stated in your posts, ” kung may malakas na determinasyon may tagumpay” maybe this could help me intesify more my job hunting. Please advise me more because I think Im not still very serious about my job hunting. (kumpleto na po documents ko including UAE stamped credentials).

    Maraming Salamat at Merry Christmas na rin po!

    Promdi Engineer

  237. jhing said

    lahat ng sinabi nya dito lahat totoo pero may konting mali lang s presyo na… this rate was long back 2006. kung ako pa s inyo hwag na kau pumunta d lahat ng pinoy sinuswerte d2 kadalasan na aabuso at minamalas.

  238. delros said

    Hi Admin,

    I applied for an ‘accountant’ job in Dubai. The offer is 3000 Dirhams+accomodation+meals+transportation.

    My salary right now here in Pinas is Php 50,000 monthly (gross).

    I am asking for 6000 Dirhams sana but the interviewer said that the 3K is the maximum that they can offer for a newbie like me. But he said I will be evaluated after 6 months then that’s the time I can get an increase.

    Can you help me? is the 3000 Dirhams acceptable for an accountant?

    Your insights will help me a lot.

    Thanks in advance for your responses

  239. Edmund said


    My wife had been working in Dubai for 2 years now and she wants me to follow hopefully within January of 2009.

    Can anyone here provide me a step by step procedure on how to have our Marriage contract authenticated along with my TOR and Diploma? Can you please include how much I need to spend for each step.

    Any help is very much appreciated.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you and God Bless!!!

  240. glenbite said

    100,000 pocket money ok na ba iyan?

  241. Magus said

    Hi sir, i am planning to go to dubai this february 07, 2009.. i have already my 90 days visit visa sponsored by my brother.. im just worried if i can’t find a job in dubai.. is there a chance that i could land a job for just 3 months.. i have heard they have recission and some companies are closing due to global crisis.. Hope u could help me.. i have work here in the philippines for 5 years and i want to have a better opportunity outside. thank you..

  242. armindamacaspac said


    My daughter was born out of wedlock, his father is currently working in Dubai as a Sales Manager in some retail company with a salary of 60,000 pesos above. He was there for almost 3 years. He was first hired as a Sales Representative and just got promoted this year. I was expecting that he could get his leave for his second vacation here in the Philippines but due to his promotions, he could’t. I’m afraid he will be needing to stay there for another year without a vacation. Now I’m thinking if I will be allowed to enter dubai,can we live or stay together in one room?. I was also thinking if what kind of visa is applicable with my situation. I heard sponsorships on visa was not very easy in dubai. Nways, we also want to get married as soon as I get there. And how long will it takes for proceesing of documents to bring our daughter after the marriage?

    Need an urgent reply for this.

    Thank you very much in advance. God Bless!

    • Shy De La Cruz said

      Para ka makapunta ng Dubai, kung may Company na maghire sayo at mag grant ng working visa for you, swerte mo kasi yon ang pinaka the best na solution but, if in case na wala you need to apply for a visit visa. Ndi pa din kayo makakapagpakasal agad2 kasi kung ganu kabagal ang process for lisensya ng marriage sa Pinas mas mabagal pa dito sa Dubai, you can stay together ng magiging asawa mo pero you have to be very careful. Madami naman mga gumagawa nyan d2 pero pra sa ikakapanatag ng loob mo at para makuha mo ang anak mo with you kailangan nyo magpakasal.

  243. adriyana said


    I am directly hired by a furniture company in Dubai, my employment visa was already realesed but it still has to be authenticated by our consulate. It’s already been 3weeks but they still have not sent me the visa.

    Do you have any idea how long does it take to authenticate a visa?

  244. Job said

    Hi! I just want to ask how long does it take for an employemnt visa to get authentication from our consulate in Dubai? My visa was already released 3weeks back and the HR officer said that it still needs to be attested, but until now i still don’t have the visa.

  245. ardie said


    I’m a graphic designer. Been one for almost 15 years already, mostly in the role of Art Director. The last time I worked in a corporate setting was in 2004. Since then, I’ve been doing freelance graphic design. Lately, I’ve been thinking of looking for work abroad. The biggest problem for me is that I am just a college undergraduate. However my portfolio and experience I believe, more than compensates for that. Still, considering that a TOR or DIPLOMA is apparently a must, what do you think are my chances of landing a job in Dubai without these documents? I am willing to submit myself to any kind of graphic design exams if needed.

    Hope to get a reply regarding this matter.

    Thank you very much.

  246. Ann said

    Hi Everyone/ Kababayan in Abu Dhabi/Dubai,

    I am currently looking for a job to Abu Dhabi. I have 1.5 yrs. experience in FastFood Industry and currently employed as Human Resources and Administrative Officer for 3 years now. I’m turning 23 this April. Anyone can help me looking for a job that suits to my qualification.I have afriend in Abu Dhabi that can help me for my accommodation.

    I will appreciate your help guys.



  247. easha said

    hi Magus! I guess you are already in Dubai by now, may I know the situation there? coz I’m planning to go there also,totoo bang mahirap humanap ng work? Thanks!

  248. carol said

    Hi good day just wanna ask something hope you can help me.right now im here in dubai and im working already but the company needs my diploma with attestation kya lang po hindi ko na attest yong mga papers ko sa pilipinas.is there any other way to attest my papers here in dubai?thank you so much and hope to here from you soon.

    GOD BLESS. 🙂

  249. DUDUT said

    I arrived in Deira Dubai last January 20. Job hunting is really sacrifice. You need to have enough budget for foods, transpo and application expenses. Flat rates are so expensive, parang pambayad na sa monthly house amortization sa pinas. Maaga rin yung tag-init so tiyagaan lang talaga. I would suggest you apply for agencies sa pinas that offer jobs here. Dapat din ay may kamag-anak ka or mga kaibigan who will guide you… or else, mahihirapan ka… It’s really a risk. In my interviews, mababa ang offer nila, maybe because of current world financial crisis. Hopefully makahanap ako ng magandang offer soon. 2 months visa nakuha ko. Sana di ko ma-experience mag-exit. Kababayans, tiyaga lang talaga at lakas ng loob kailangan natin to survive here.

  250. DUDUT said

    Update ko lang kayo… Headhunters/agencies here in dubai are now charging applicants service fee from 100aed to 400 aed, balasubas yung al qabas agency kasi parang modus operandi at sobrang mahal.

  251. Grace said

    hi dudut! nagsisisi ako bakit ngayon ko lang naencounter tong message mo… I was in their office( Al Qabas ) this morning and was interviewed by a woman named Sabina. After asking me a few questions,she asked me to fill-out a form and required me to pay 100aed for the process. Medyo nagulat ako kasi di naman ako nainform na meron nito when I called yesterday to inquire about the openings which were advertised in Gulf News. I asked her why was she charging me for these kinds of services when they are actually a manpower agency, they should ask payment from the private companies not applicants. She told me that they are not a manpower agency, they are the company mismo na naghahire…so medyo pinaikot nya ko dito!

    I asked her if there is a guarantee na magkakatrabaho ako.. she answered “yes, in three days.” they will call me daw and they will accompany me to the manager who will go through my documents(attested TOR/Diploma…etc) in Dubai Free Zone. hmmmmm. she was intentionally really nice to me. because the position they offered me was very suitable; because it’s really hard to find a job evenif I’m on husband’s visa at sayang naman ang pagpunta ko dun from Dubai…mga kababayan, ako po ay nagbayad ng 100aed or more or less 1300 php. Pagkatapos kong magmunimuni sa mga pangyayari, these are some things I realized:

    1.) Lahat kaya ng magbabayad ng 100aed ang garantisadong may trabaho?! I doubt!
    2.) Someone will accompany me to the manager who will review my docs. E paano kung may problema sa docs ko…guaranteed job ba yun?
    3.) She even specified the basic salar+accomodation+transpo but I went home without signing an offer letter. Definitely not a good sign!
    4.) When I asked for a receipt all she gave me was a card with my application ref no on it. So wala akong proof na nagbayad ako. Stupid!
    5.) She told me they are not an agency but the company mismo who looks for people who could fill-in the positions for their companies..parang Group po. Their name? Al Qabas Int’l EMPLOYMENT & MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY! Stupid 2x!
    6.) Basically sa mga pangyayaring naganap ay si ms sabina ang naghire sakin diba? She told me she’s customer service person. Is she even in the right position to just hire someone?!

    So mukang tama si kuya dudut…parang modus operandi nga ito… kuya dudut ano po ang mangyayari after this? Will they really call me? May mga nagkakawork ba talaga through them? BAkit sabi nyo po 400aed? May iba pang babayaran?


  252. camille said

    Hi I’m camille, meron bang pwedeng makatulong saakin para malaman kung paano ako magkakaroon ng visit visa nasa sharjah ang sister ko pero ipinull-out nnmin sa agency ang binayad namin dahil msyado ng matagal at walang naging resulta.21 years old lang po ako. thank’s hope na may mag response

  253. Joanne said

    sana makansel na visa ng asawa ko para mapauwi na sya dito, nakarating lang ng dubai mayabang na samantalang nung nasa pinas sya ako pinagtatrabaho nya, pagdating dun nangabit pa ng ka-officemate nya nakakahiya cya pinalalabas pa niya na namamalimos ako sa kanya para sa anak ko na may sakit, mga walang hiya malandi rin yang Filipina na kabit nya naturingang may asawa, nakakahiya pa at may lakas pa ng loob na magtext at laitin ang hitsura ko, eh sya nga itong unggoy na nakarating lang ng dubai kaya nagkahitsura nagtetext pa sa akin ng kabastusan sa mga ginagawa nilang dalawa akala nya naiingit ako sa inyo hoy ngayon pa lang sinusunog na ang mga kaluluwa nyo sa impyerno magpakasaya kayo hanggang gusto nyo, Aila I replied sa text mo na “u r cheap for u r texting your alleged bf’s legal wife tapos lalaitin mo pa ako eh grammar mo nga di mo maiayos” ang kapal ng mukha ng asawa ko siniraan pa ako sa kabit nya pareho clang immoral mga bastos mahiya sila lalo na yang babae na yan Aila, mukha kang desente pero isa kang certified na pokpok wag ako ang baligtarin mong pokpok ikaw ang pokpok may asawa ka pumapatol ka sa mayroong asawa,Ano aila mukha akong pera asan ang pera galing sa asawa ko 5,000/mo para sa amin at pinadededeng anak sorry Aila mahiya ka naman babaeng parang mauubusan ng lalaki,kadiri ka ano sabi mo masarap ka sa kama at maganda ka eh bakit mo ako ginugulo kasi INSECURE ka sa akin for u know that I was raised well by my parents and a graduate of a reputable university mahiya ka pinakita mo lang lalo kung gaano ka ka cheap, u don’t even know how to construct a sentence that’s grammatically correct…kaya i suggest don’t speak nor text in english kc nakakahiya ,paano naman ako maiingit sau sabi mo ikaw ang nagugulo sakin kaya ikaw ang inggit sa akin, sabi mo sa akin panget ako!! hahaha nakakatawa ka kung panget ako eh ano ka ubod ng PAnget!!! kawawa ka naman ur a temporary thirst quencher, paligayahin mo asawa ko habang nasa Dubai cya masahiol ka pa sa pokpok mga Russians nga kahit isang pack ng sigarilyo at least may bayad eh ikaw FREE.. sa asawa kong makapal ang mukha sana makansela ang visa mo para mawala ang lipad mo buti nga sayo baon ka sa utang sa credit card, nabaon ka na di mo man lang pinatikim ng ginhawa ang pamilya mo ginawa mo kaming miserable ng anak mo pwes nagkakamali ka as far as I know kayo ang kawawa nasa akin ang anak ko at kaya kong buhayin!Maganda nga nyan maireport kayo sa Labor ng AE para patas ang laban , wag myo akong guluhin para di ko kayo guluhin, wala akong pakialam sau maganda nga kung makulong ka magsama kayo ni Aila na taga Catarman na pokpok!!!!na may asawa na kumabit sa iba maganda raw cya nung ancient times pa when human being does’t exist!!!!Bahala na ang Dios sa inyo I’m not taking any action but as far as I know may karma at may balik yan di natutulog ang Dios lalo na may munting bata kayong inagrabyado!!!

    Aila paano ako maiingit sau sa tingin ko pinakamahalaga sa tao may morale at wala ka nun no!!

    To those who have read this I know this isn’t related at all dun sa topic sa itaas pasensya na I got emotional , and to the owner of this web site my apology.. sana po maintindihan nyo.

    • Rainne said

      Hi Joanne! Im taking your side. Tama ka, ikaw ang asawa, legal na asawa. And whatever ang sabihin nung kabit ng asawa mo, dont get affeced. You are very right in all aspects. At nasa sayo ang anak nyo, that’s all that matters. But I uggest na i-push through mo yung pagrereport and pagsasampa ng kaso para you get even with them. Mapapauwi na sila dito, and who knows, you might get a higher monthly allowance pa… panalo ka sa kaso na to at all aspects. Be strong. Dont give u on them. Show them that you are above the two of them. Makamundong pagnanasa lang ang habol nung dalawang yun, since nagawa na nila, tuluyan mo na din. para maganda ang ganti mo. o diba, panalo ka, baka magmakaawa pa sayo yang mga yan…. at lelast pinahirapan mo din ang buhay nila.. remember, pamilya mo ang sinira nila. both of them should get what it’s worth….okay….

  254. RN2008 said

    Hi, registered nurse na po ako pero wala pa akong experience, gusto sanan namin mag work ng husband ko sa dubai, he’s currently taking up welding courses(SMAW, GMAW & GTAW), may 5yr old baby boy na kami, possible ba na sabay-sabay kami maka punta sa dubai to work and live there? saan agency kaya kami sa manila pwede mag inquire? help naman po please thanks.

    Meron naman mga filipino babysitters doon diba? And may mga school ba doon na madaming filipino for our son?

  255. sheshe said

    to joanne:

    naiyak nmn ako s kwento mo, be strong and always pray to God.

  256. bugnaw_redhorse said

    kumusta kabayan pinoy hitman.i have a job offer in dubai british school at emirates hills as a teacher.i’ve checked their wbsite and location if they really exist.turned out they do.they want me to apply for labor card and working visa.i’m from cebu.my questions are:1. how long did it take u to wait for dhl to process authentication? 2.how much did u pay for it?3.where can i apply a labor card here in ‘pinas?

  257. Monsa said

    Mga kababayan sa Dubai,

    I am an Engineer based in Canada but as of now recession din dito so I decided to apply in Dubai. I have a job offer in an aluminum smelting plant however I don’t know kung tatangapin ko because I don’t know where to find a place to live. Can anyone tell me how much is the one bedroom apartment? I made some research at nakita ko its about 15,000 to 30,000 DHS for a one bedroom apartment ganito ba talaga o may mas mura pa dito. The company only gives me 9500DHS housing allowance, is this enough? Madali ba makakita ng apartment dyan. I am also willing to share apartment as long as I have my own room sa palagay nyo makakakita kaya ako ng room for rent amongst our kababayan? Please anyone give me some advice, my email is donray65@yahoo.com

  258. camille said

    hello im a newly license nurse
    i want to work sa dubai
    pls send me naman kung san po ako pwede apply my email is annecamilledeguia@rocketmail.com thanks godbless

  259. dudut said

    I feel sad sa mga kababayan ko na sobrang hirap ang dinadanas dito sa dubai. Mainit. Magastos. Malungkot… etc… I know that all of these sacrifices ay para sa pamilya natin sa pinas. Just be strong kabayan and always ask for “HIS” guidance… I know na malalampasan din natin mga hardships…
    To GRACE… nagbayad ka pala ng 100aed. Sayang din nun. Pang-grocery pa yun. Kunyari, al qabas will call you back for final interview, then magbabayad ka pa ng extra 300aed for sure job… They are taking advantage of the recession. Ang laki ng kinikita nila sa mga pobreng applicants. Sana lang, makarma sila ng maaga!!!
    Thanks God! Nagbunga din ang jobhunting ko. I have a job now as Customer Service Executive in one of telecommunications company in Dubai media city with fair salary offer. I landed job not thru abusive agencies but directly to the company’s websites sa career section. Yun na lang gawin nyo. Sa mga katulad kong call center agents, i can help you so we can be in the same company. Just leave msg on how i can contact you. I’ll give you details how to submit your cv’s and schedule you for interview. Pinay din yung nasa HR so i’ll do my best to assist you…

    • Shy De La Cruz said

      Miss Joan, nakakalungkot naman ang situation mo. Pero gaya ng sabi mo God is everywahere at anuman ang ginagawa ng asawa mo sayo may karampatang parusa yon sa kanya pagdating ng araw, who knows diba, si Lord ang gaganti para sayo.
      Dito sa Dubai, maraming tukso dito, depende sa tao kung pano ihahandle ang situation. Madami mga Pilipina dito na kapit sa patalim, nagiging makasarili. 7th month ko palang dito pero napakadumi ng ibang kababayan dito babae at lalaki walang pinagkaiba. Anyway, they have their own reasons maybe, but, we have choices depende nalang kung alin ang pipiliin. God bless you Joan, God will always be with you.

    • annie said

      hi dudut,

      how can i contact you? ill be in dubai by august 30 and will be there for a visit visa. im a call center agent for two years and was promoted as a quality coach and want to ask help from you para matry ko mag apply sa dyan sa company nyo as soon as i get there. kindly send me an email betterthanwhatyouare0513@yahoo.com

      thanks in advance!

    • gee said

      hi i just wanna ask u if u can help me get a job there in dubai.i’ve worked in dubai for almost 3 yrs in a restaurant as a waitress and just came back in pinas last feb. it’s been 6mos. now since i quit my job. i want to try something challenging like working in the offices and hotels. anything except of being a waitress again.
      i would love to work in dubai media city and planning to go back by october. i wanna know what are my chances to work there? hope u could help me. im looking forward to hear from u.here is my e-mail add g-austria@hotmail.com god bless and more power!

    • Diana said

      Hi Dudut,

      ngayon ko lang nabasa message mo..I’m here now in Dubai holding a visit visa which will expire on September. Malaking tulong kung masasabi mo sa akin saan pwede mag-apply sa Dubai Media City..Malpit nrin matapos visa ko and double effort na sa paghahanap ng trabaho..you can email me at diana_28msl@yahoo.com.. maraming salamat kabayan.. 🙂 nkakainspire mga nababasa ko dito..

    • mike gonzales said

      hi dudut,

      can you tell me which call center are u working at now? are they still hiring? i already worked in a call center sa pinas and would like to work in the same field again. im currently working in deira but i want to transfer to another company. i need a freezone company coz i still have a labor ban. pls leave ur contact/email so i can message u. thanks!

    • anne said

      hi do dudut? ask ko lang kung kahit hindi ba walang call center experience ay makakapagwork din sa ganyan kaseng field, kasi maybe before mag end ang january makapunta na din ako dyan dubai, im a 2yrs course grad. pero ang experience ko ay mostly sa resto at food chain at mga electrnic company dito satin, hope u could help me suggest kung saang field ang maganda kong umpisahan maghanap ng work pagdating ko dyan, thanks at im will be very glad if u answer my question? ingat po mga kababayan…..

    • hi dadut!

      i am currently working in a call center here in the Philippines for three years now. I will be going to Dubai via visit visa to hunt for a job. Just read this blog and it is very informative. I wish to apply in a call center too. I hope you can help me. Please email me at jinky_gwapa@yahoo.com.

      Thanks much!

    • Elle said

      hi dudut,

      pls pm me ellegiram@yahoo.com regarding the application process in your company. i’m very interested to get a call center job in Dubai. hope you can assist me on this. thank you in advance. (sana mabasa mo pa to. 🙂

  260. if your are looking for a furnished apartment for a short term rent, this website can help you http://www.conqueror-realestate.com

  261. there is some website that can help you to find a proper job, but i think it only cover professional job for experts; For example: monster.com

  262. Jhing said

    Magandang umaga po s namumuno nitong site n ito, tanong ko lng po sna magkano po ba in $/dollar ang dpat n budget ng 1 overseas worker po dyan s Dubai s 1 buwan n gastusin. Bale ksma n po lhat accommodation, pagkain basta po lhat lhat. Ibig ko lng pong malaman kc po ang asawa ko kda buwan e nagpa2dla lng ng $1,100 e ang sahod po nia e $2,000 at me allowance po cia n bigay ng company kda buwan din.
    sabi po nia s akin e mahal daw po ang bilihin at accommodation dyan ibig po bang sabihin nsa $900 a month ang gastusin ng isang individual dyan n mangga2wa? malaki pong pasasalamat ko s maka2sagot ng tanong ko. Sa muli marami pong slamat, sna po may mga sumagot. God Bless.

  263. kathleen said

    hi, out of line itong i-po-post ko, but i do not have any choice kasi im running out of options. I’m in dire need of Dhs.15,000 and since banks have become very strict on lending, my credit card limits has been reduced and salary bracket to avail a personal loan has been increased. Im currently earning Dhs.8000 but as most are aware you have to earn atleast Dhs.10000 to get a loan these days. My father suffered a stroke and is currently in the hospital. Being abroad My family is asking for financial assistance, which i really want to do but don’t have. If any of you know a private lender, kahit 5-6 please, please let me know… my email address is ch.flannery@gmail.com. salamat..

  264. ghie said

    this is very helpful…u educated us!
    actually problemado rin ako..i dont know what type of visa ang maari kong gmitin papunta dyan.i am a family(LADY) driver here @ qatar.this october 2009 mtatapos n kontrata ko kya nagbabalak n akong pumunta dyan.pgod n akong nakatali sa leeg s mga amo ko.i need some air.and besides i have a girlfriend..yah u heard me right,GIRLFRIEND!shes working @ paris fauchon here in qatar.B.S.HRM ang natapos nya @ my 6 mos.experience sya sa singapore(MARINA HOTEL).alam kong malaki ang chances namin na makahanap ng trabaho pero ang problema hindi ko alam kung anong visa ang dapat kong gamitin.magkano ang magagamit na pera @ kung paano magkaroon ng matutuluyan agad s pagdating namin dyan.hope you can help us!THANKS AND MORE POWER

  265. ghie said

    nagha’HIRE ba ng lady driver ang mga hotel dyan sa dubai?

  266. AJ said


    hello bro, ok 2ng forum buti my post na ganito bout dubai, i’m planning 2 go there, i’m currently working here in Malaysia as Technical Support Executive w/ 2yrs contract. We’ve been here since Dec last yr 2008. D maganda offer pero I grabbed dis opportunity kc gusto ko m-experience work abroad same lng kc nman sahod d2 saka colctr stin s Pinas at wala p kme benefits. Favor sana Bro kung meron opening s inyo kung m-rerefer mo ko dyn. I’ve been working in a call center for more than 7yrs now as Customer/Technical Support.

    Any update just email me @ ach6555@gmail.com

    Looking forward to hear from you and Thanks in advance.

  267. AJ said


    Sana bro my opening p s inyo..keep us posted. God Bless!

  268. AJ said

    Bro Dudut,wala pb update uli?tnx

  269. ann said

    hi im ann,d2 me hk ngaun.Pwede ba me mkahingi advice kung pano mkakuha tourist visa for dubai,gusto ko kc mgholiday jan this july for 14 days. Can somebody give me some tips on how?Thanks.

  270. musique said

    very nice blog. informative. appreciate it.


  271. AJ said

    hello kelan po uli nxt post d2?

  272. ernest said

    hi to everyone specially sa mga mechanical engineer.
    (hoping for your feedback)

    me offer na po ako sa Sharjah my basic is Dirhams 4500 + meal USD 100 (~300 dirhams) free accomodation dn.

    ang katanungan ko po tama lng po ba ung offer sa amin ng agency/company kahit na ako ay 30 yrs old n, 8 years na sa product development (product designer kasi ako) kasi meron mga mechanical engineer jan na sumusweldo ng 6k to 10k
    no choice n rn nman ako kya lng gsto ko dn alamin kung ok lng yung offer

    sana po matulungan nyo ako ( specially mga mech engineer jan na nasa manufacturing industry)


  273. AJ said

    Hello Admin, ask ko lng kung kelangan p ng username para lng mkpag post d2 s forum…tnx, God bless

  274. it is posible to attested the certificate with out stamp from UAE embassy?. but DFA all finish.

  275. subzer0 said

    good day! mabilis lang ba ma process yung working visa kapag nagka trabaho ka na sa dubai during the 2months visiting visa period? yung pag tatrabahuhan mo na ba ang bahala dun?

  276. subzero said

    kapag may visiting visa ka na tapos nakahanap ka ng work dun, yung company na ba bahala sa working visa mo? at ilang days or weeks ang process bago makuha yung working visa?

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    1. Good Knowledge of beauty products especially with the international brands.
    2. Ability to suggest products based on the skin tone and type.
    3. Good convincing and sales skills.
    4. Highly presentable and excellent communication skills.

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    Young female candidates with an NOC and who can join immediately. Please send your resumes to: raffy@personnelnetworkgroup.com or you may call 043366837

  278. annie said

    hi dudut,

    how can i contact you? ill be in dubai by august 30 and will be there for a visit visa. im a call center agent for two years and was promoted as a quality coach and want to ask help from you para matry ko mag apply sa dyan sa company nyo as soon as i get there. kindly send me an email betterthanwhatyouare0513@yahoo.com

  279. aj said


  280. ach6555 said

    Hello Dudut,

    this post is very informative,tnx s mga kabayan ntn s at s mga inputs nio, ask ko lng bro kung hiring p dn kayo s current work po ninyo, if possible pwede po b mag apply s inyo? tnx for future response on this, God Bless!


  281. khris said

    hi everyone

    just wanna ask,. do i need affidavit of support by the immigration in NAIA? coz my friend was suppose to travel last june 13 and the immigration told her that she needs to show aff. of support from her sponsor, then she was off loaded, she was not able to travel that day….i have my original visit visa, passport, letter of invitation from the company but i dont have aff of support, im afraid maybe i cant travel…..pls advice…thanks….

  282. verna said

    hi dudut,

    thank goodness! sa hinaba haba po ng pagbabasa ko sa site na ito, ikaw pa ang last person to post, ikaw pa ang may pinaka importanteng post para sa akin.
    i’m also a call center agent here in the philippines.i’m so interested to go there in dubai to help my family.
    please please please let me know what to do. i have call center experience both inbound and outbound, been in this business for 9 long years now (held several positions na rin but not too lucky to be a supervisor). parang awa mo na, please get in touch with me. my email address is verna.delrosario@yahoo.com.
    i’m willing to sacrifice everything because of my current family situation. i pray to God that you could give me feedback. thanks.

  283. karen said

    Greeting of PEACE!

    This site is very informative!
    Thanks to all ofw in AD,whos willing to share all their EXPERIENCES,

  284. nathasia said

    hi good day to all,
    i just wanna ask if i can work as a nurse in Dubai even though I’m not a registered nurse here in the Philippines but i used to work in a hospital as a volunteered nurse for almost 2 years. could u please help me to find out if im qualified and what should i do to work in Dubai as nurse…thank u so much en god bless.

  285. nathasia said

    Hi good day,
    could u please help me..i just wanna if Im qualified to work as a nurse in dubai even though im not a registered nurse here in the Philippines but I used to work in a hospital as a volunteered nurse for almost 2 years..what should I do to work in dubai as a nurse?thank u so much en god bless..pls. send me an email cathzam@yahoo.com

  286. ms. shanti said

    hello thanks sa mga informations nyo. sobrang na appriciate ko.
    gusto ko lang po sana humingi ng tulong kung paano po ako mgkakaroon ng invitation from the company jan sa dubai.. kailangan ko po talaga ng trabaho na akma sa qualification ko. im 25, may job experience po ako sa production and receptionist. 2 yrs col level grad lang po ako.. gusto ko po sana sa hotel kahit po anung trabaho like waiter, dishwasher, chamber maid. kakayanin ko po. please contact me sa e-mail ko shanti0918@yahoo.com

  287. ms. shanti said

    hello po.. sana matulungan rin po ninyo ako sa paghanap ng referral.
    natutuwa po ako dahil marami din po pla tayong mga kababayan ang ngtatagumpay sa dubai. sana ako rin.

    salamat po talaga ng marami.

    this site is very informative and sobrang naapriciate ko po.

  288. Ms. Jude said

    Hi everyone! anyone who can advise us if we will really move in Dubai this coming Nov 1, 2009? we have relatives there but others discouraged us not to go yet since recission is not yet over according to them. me and my husband are really willing so please give us advise regarding real economic and financial status in dubai.

    Thanks a lot to those who will give feedback.

  289. bruce arellano said

    — On Fri, 25/9/09, wrote:

    > From: necefero arellano
    > Subject: I Need your advise,

    > Good morning sir / mam,
    > bigyan po ninyo advise ang aking kapated kong ano po ba ang
    > dapat niyang gawin, kasi po umuwi po siya sa pinas 2years
    > ago, sa kadahilanan po nag karoon po sila nang family
    > problem kaya po hinde na siya naka balik ulit sa UAE abu
    > dhabi.sir / mam ito po ang problema niya, mayroon po siya
    > loan sa banko at mga credit card na iniwanan niya dyan sa
    > UAE na hinde pa niya nababayaran lahat.sir / mam pwede pa po
    > ba siya bumalik dyan sa UAE abu dhabi para mag trabaho ulit
    > at habang nag tatrabaho siya mabayaran niya ang mga naiwanan
    > niya na utang, kasi po nag apply po siya pa balik dyan sa
    > UAE para mag trabaho ulit, kaso lang sir / mam natatakot
    > siya baka pag dating niya sa UAE airport bigla nalang siya
    > damputin nang mga police emigration, sir / mam tulungan
    > naman po ninyo ang kapated ko kasi po mayroon siya mga anak
    > hirap na po sila kaya gusto na niya mag trabaho ulit sa UAE
    > wala kasi siya makitang work dito sa ating bansa sa
    > pilipinas.sana naman po mawa kayo sir /
    > mam kailangan po namin ang advise ninyo.wait kami sa
    > advise ninyo sir / mam. more power nalang sa inyong lahat
    > dyan sa UAE.
    > ang nag papasalamat.
    > N.Arellano
    > from:Cebu City
    > Get your preferred Email name!
    > Now you can @ymail.com and @rocketmail.com.
    > http://mail.promotions.yahoo.com/newdomains/aa/

  290. Loida Tinay said

    hi po, im planning to go to dubai this Oct 2009, i have a friend na may asawa sya sa dubai and sya po ang buy ng visa para sa aming dalawa di bale ask nya sa kin is 55k and im willing to take a risk to go there, im a foreign service graduate and marami narin po akong work experiences here sa Pilipinas, paki advice naman po if tamang makipagsapalaran sa Dubai, but as for me im willing to take it and im strongly believe na kakayanin ko po ang lahat ng mga pagsubok.thanks and god bless po

  291. Francis said

    Thanks kabayan for the information! I’m a nurse here in Pinas; with the hiring of foreign nurses in the US becoming less, I’ve considered Dubai to be my new target point now for job hunting. Ang kinakatakot ko lang is that some of my colleagues used the “visit visa style” in searching for opportunities there in Dubai but sadly they ended up jobless and have to come back home here in Pinas due to dwindling financial resource and expiring visa. I still hope that opportunities for foreign nurses in Dubai isn’t affected by the global crisis like other cities or countries.

  292. Ms. Black beauty said

    i would like you guys to know that where ever you are, just pray to God that he will guide you in all of your dreams and aspirations.. Im not really aware of aNY RACIAL, my point here is to be united. All of us are God’s creations, why dont we love each other and our Mother Earth… Give the best shoot in taking care of our earth for the longgivity of our life and for our next generation… THANKS


  293. Nheldz Vida said

    Hi everyone!!!

    I read every message in this site and I found it informative.

    I am already here in Dubai for more than six months at kagaya ng iba nating kababayan e nagbakasakali para sa magandang future. Ang advantage ko lang is that I’m a husband visa.

    Mahabang kwento pero ang pagpunta dito sa dubai ay isang malaking desisyon na you need to think not only twice or even thrice but million of times. Kasi para sakin swertehan lang ang buhay dito. Maswerte yung mga kababayan natin ng nakakakita ng magandang trabaho at malaking sweldo but sad to say na marami rin ang hindi. Ilan narin sa mga kababayan natin ang nakausap ko na nagsasabi na magugustuhan mo daw ang dubai kapag may work kana and I pray na sana nga mangyari yun.

    Well, I just want to stay here because I want to be with my husband pero kahit may work nako dito di ko parin feel yung sinsabi ng iba na magugustuhan ko ang dubai. Ibang iba parin pag nasa sarili kang bansa lalo na kung may work ka naman sa pilipinas and ok rin naman yung sweldo better I think to just stay there and don’t take the risk of sacrificing your job para sa walang kasiguruhang life dito sa dubai.

    But if you really want to try and find your luck here kailangan matatag ang loob mo, masipag kang mag apply at malakas ang determinasyon. Isama mo narin yung may pera ka para sa allowance mo habang di kapa nakakakita ng work.

    Good luck to all of us and if you decided to went here in dubai sana magkita kita tayo. Kasi I love walking in the street of Dubai lalo na pag may nakikita akong Kababayan na marunong kumilala ng kapwa kababayan.

  294. Ms. Jude said

    I am kinda disappointed yet feelin’ blessed.My husband just flown to Kuwait for a project. Remember my last post na willing kaming mag give up para lng magkasama kami. di pa din siguro malakas loob namin para makipagsapalaran sa Dubai. Nagdecide kami na accept nlng yong project nila sa Kuwat kaya eto naiwan ulit ako dito Pinas. Wla pa din kaming baby kaya hirap mag isa. Pray ko nalang na sana 1 of these days pwede din niya ako invite dun para sama ulit kami. Thanks for the advise Ms. Nheldz Vida. Sayang di na tayo magkikita dyan.Goodluck na lng po sa inyo dyan!

  295. chowchow said

    Hi! This forum is very helpful. I am planning to go to Dubai, nakapagprocess na ko ng documents ko for authentication sa ched, malacanang at dfa except for uae embassy, way back 1995. I inquired sa embassy and sabi nila expired na yung docs ko. 2008-2009 na tinatanggap nila so i have to start again from scratch, saklap naman.

  296. chowchow said

    Hi! This forum is very helpful. I am planning to go to Dubai, nakapagprocess na ko ng documents ko for authentication sa ched, malacanang at dfa except for uae embassy, way back 2005. I inquired sa embassy and sabi nila expired na yung docs ko. 2008-2009 na tinatanggap nila so i have to start again from scratch, saklap naman. anyway, what are my chances of getting a good paying job kasi i’ve been working in the phils. for 8 years now sa insurance industry, marketing. And tama ba na huwag magdala ng printout nr cv? At what point in our journey to dubai puwedeng makita yun or maconfiscate? Im totally clueless kasi yung mga kilala ko na nasa dubai na hindi masyadong helpful sa pagbibigay ng info regarding the culture, lifestyle in uae.

  297. atiq reman said

    salam im atiq rehman im land survey and i need a job plz give me job

  298. lorraine said

    hello dudut, shoot me an email ha about any job there. papunta kami before feb 2010.

    sa mga call center and contact support at kahit anong support job jan, magsama sama nalang tayo magapply at walk in… 🙂

  299. Kriz said

    Hi everyone,

    Ive read most of the posts here and I can say that a lot of people are really willing to take the risk to work in Dubai. As long as you have the skills ( its very improtant) at least computer skills and good english you will surely find a good job. Just one piece of advice especially for girls, never be tempted to take what others have to offer you especially if you are on a visit visa because it may mean something you have to return in kind or money. How others will treat you depends on how you show yourselves to them so it is always important to show professionalism. And if you are on doubt whether you can land a job there or not, if you have the skills i mentioned, you can definitely get one. Trust me,Ive been there and i will be coming back. See yah.

  300. mrs flower said

    hello po tnk u po sa add dmi po nyo natutulungan.tulad nila gusto ko din po makipagsapalaran sa dubai.Nurse po ako dito sa pinas for 10years.ung asawa ko po andyan n sa dubai gusto lng po sana nmin malaman pano nya ko agad makukuha dun?salamat po will wait for your reply po.again thank you po

  301. What a excellent post! I did a of blogging for dummies over on one of the CPA Marketing forums and I believed it was too simple for them, but the quantity of emails I got asking questions just like what you addressed was unbelievable. As young people today we have grown up with computers, but it’s easy to forget that even people just a a couple of years older have not! Really good post! 🙂

  302. yezzel said

    good morning .. guys ask ko lang .. ano ba una namin dapat gawin .. where planning to work in dubai .. with my co-office mates .. magkano ba dapat namin dalang pera .. ? specialized jobs hanap namen , we are graphic designer and pharmacist..

    • Ken said

      yezze.mas maganda kung mag hahanap ka ng mga agencies jan sa atin sa Pinas rather than going here as visit visa..mas maganda kung walang placement fee, may mga ganung agency namn depende sa employer..sa ngayun kasi mahirap sumugal lalo na crisis..or kung mga mga kaibigan namn kayu dito sa dubai ipapasa nyo nalang resume nyo.

  303. bez said

    halu everyone. just want to share you my story.

    I had my visit in Abu dhabi last year, July 17, 2008. I’m a registered Nurse here in the Philippines and nangarap na maging nurse din sana sa UAE. But then, since matigas ang ulo at hindi naniwala sa mga uncle ko na need ng 2 years na experience to qualify as an RN in UAE, ayan sumugod ako at nag job hunt. August 7, 2008, I passed by one agency. They asked me to prepare all my documents, ipa translate ko na daw ang mga docu ko and antay nalang ng call for medical poz pina sign na ko ng contract. WOW sabi ko..eto na ba ang swerte na hinahanap ko NURSE pa..malaki ang offer at government hospital pa..eh di go naman ako..after 2 weeks they called me up just to tell me that they are not allowed pala to process visa of a nurse..eh di nagpanic nako..1 month nlang mag expire na visa ko..haaay sayang ang two weeks na natengga ako ng pag apply..so balik na naman ako sa job hunting. Super hot pa naman..z August yun eh. Abu dhabi city na libot ko yan, meron naman isa tumawag sakin Dental assistant ang position. Sabi ng uncle ko.patusin ko na daw para hindi ako mag exit. Pero naman..ang offer 1800 dhs..to think abu dhabi city pa yun..taas ng cost of living. so sabi ko hanap pa ko ng iba.

    August 23, 2008, nagtawag sakin ang isang hospital sa Al Ain for interview. So balik ako ng al ain ngayon, Ok naman ang interview. tawagan daw ako after 3 days. Tapos tinawagan na nila ako after 2 days, salamat sabi ko hindi na ata ako mkakapag exit. Nag start na ako sa kanila ng August 27, Nurse cum secretary cum receptionist cum kung anuh anuh pa ang work. After 1 week nag offer na cla. Salary 1500 lahat lahat na yun. So sabi ko sige lang. bka naman kako mag increase after few months.Tapos ayun start nako. pero wala pa din empoloyment visa di pa na release kaya nakapag exit tuloy ako sa Kish. 10 days din ako dun. Working visa na din ang inantay ko.Clerk ang visa ko pero sa clinic ako as assistant.Ok naman ang work yun nga lang mababa talaga ang sahod. at wala pa ako increase nun. Pero mababait naman ang co employee ko. Para ngang philippine hospital dun sa amin kasi puro pinay ang nag work.

    Ayun After 1 years and 3 months. Eto ako ngayon sa Pinas on annual leave lang sana pero nag kasakit ang mother ko..so nag decide na muna kami na huwag nlang muna balik dun so I can look after my mother. Hay. ewan ko. Nag pass lang ako resignation trough fax. Bka nagalit na ang employer sakin. Bhala na.

    so ayun sa mga nag iisip na mkapunta ng UAE. Maganda kung sa maganda ang emirates, hindi ganun kagulo most especially sa prov ng al ain. the best dun. yun nga lang kung pupunta kayo. wag summer July, august sept, tsaka wag nyo itaon na ramadan, less man kasi working hours nila pag ganun. Sa mga NURSES na katulad ko. Ok naman may work tlaga for us dun, basta make sure na qualified ka na magkalicense dun. Dapat may experience dito 2-3 years man lang. Coz if not. Mag end up tayo na secretary.Kaya ako if ever na makabalik ako ng UAE mag experience na muna ako dito at mag take na muna ng HAAD exam para ready na.

    Ayun ang haba po ng post ko. Salamat. God Bless sating mga aspiring OFWs. By the way nahirapan pala ko jan sa immigration natin pag alis before. 21 years old palang kasi ako nun. Kaya mga bata. Mag pa 22 na muna tayo..hehehe..cge po.. salamat uli ng marami.

  304. hi im nanet and planning to go to dubai this coming year using tourist visa?..but there are hesitation because i have a job here in philippines.,please give me some views on how to get a good job in dubai?

    • blue said

      hindi mo kasi sinabi sa post mo kung ano position ang para sayu.. crisis talaga dito sa uae..kung kumikita ka ng above 25k sa pinas..mas maganda kung mag stay ka muna jan sa atin..mahirap mag hanap ng trabaho ngayun dito..madali ka makakakita pero hindi sapat yung sahod na maibibigay sayu lalo na kung wala ka pa experience magtrabaho sa labas ng pinas..mas mabuting gawin mo siguro kung mag aaply ka through our local agencies kesa sumugal ng visit visa..tulad ng sinabi ni ken kung may kaibikan ka sa dubai na pedeng tumulong sayu na maghanap ng trabaho habang nasa pinas ka mas ok siguro yun..although iissuehan ka ng magiging employer mo ng visit visa, mabilis nalang yun i-apply ng residence visa,,di pa ikaw ang gumastos.

  305. rouselle menodza said

    hi hello im just asking if how long it will take if i apply visit visa in dubai i have friend there and he said he will take all my finance need there he send me money here so that i can apply immediately!!! im not finish in school but im really just visit dubai for one month can you please advise me what will i do thank you

    • blue said

      max 1 month.. di namn pala ikaw gagstos..eh di wala ka ng problema..hihintayin mo nalang yung visa at pera na ipapadala ng lover mo..hehe

  306. jobelle said

    plz reply

  307. kaye said

    hi po, im ms. kaye. iam a nurse d2 sa pinas, plan ko po sanang pumuntang dubai para maghanap ng work. marami po bng work opportunities dun sa mga kgya kung nurse? magkano po ba ung rent ng bahay don? i mean ung bed spacer… plan ko png mag tourist visa before this month ends. magkano kya ung kailangan kung dalhin na pera para mka survive ako dun for 2 months if i cant still find a job? pls help me…

    and is there anyone there who can help me find a job in dubai even not as a nurse? iam very very very very much eager and determined to take the risk at makipagsapalaran sa dubai. sobrang hirap kasi ng buhay dito sa pinas and i need to help my mom to send my 2 brothers sa college kasi puro po sila kumukuha ng medicine now, ung isa first year na tapos 3rd year namn ung isa. help me po pls… ang mahal ng tuition nila and ung mama ko lng ung may malaki laking sahod kasi ung papa ko, bedridden na since highschool pa ako and iam the second to the eldest, ung ate ko may family na kya she cant hlp na. kaya i really need to take the risk para matulungan mama ko…

    pls, help me…


  308. fereshteh said

    i was graduating BA in english literature in 2005.im working in travel agancy since 4 years.im privet english teacher in my free time.passed tourisom language course.

  309. Rolly said

    Hello sa lahat, paalis na ako punta Dubai as direct hire. Maliban po sa babayaran sa POEA,DOH referal for medical at PDOS. May babayaran pa po ba sa NAIA like sa mga Visa reader? magkano para maka preparar ako. Skilled worker ang status ng visa ko. pleasr do help……

  310. jade said

    lo po kong sino naman po maka email sa akin ng branch ng greenfield agency jan sa dubai pls help us kahit phone number lng makuha namin my sister is lost there we cannot contact her pls

  311. jeanie said

    Hello,i need ur tip how to apply in any recruitement agency in dubai,b’coz i had plan to go in Iraq & Afhganistan to find new jobs like military supports,warehouseman, cameraman.i have expirense now in saudi arabia as Private Cameraman,in Royal saudi Land Forces Army.In the philippines i had expirense for 15 years as photographer,videographer,in saudi arabia i had expirense for 5 years untill knw.

  312. jeanie said

    sir,just to follow up my message how to find good agency in dubai,because i have plan to work in iraq,afghanistan Dubai if the have choice to work that country.Anyway this is my email add deniega_jean36@hotmail.com.Thanks

  313. mohammad said

    nice well detailed post but il suggest if u looking for the best place for rent u can check it out in http://www.propertyfinder.ae flats villas apartment its there

  314. pia starlight said

    To the administrator:

    Posts are all informative.. thanks for having this site intended for aspiring OFW’s like me.

    I have a few questions but though some previous posts have already enlighten some of those. I am planning for a visit visa by end of March this year or first week of April. I have been working for 10 years now w/ experience in general accounting. I already have my red ribbon documents and will have to be authenticated by UAE consulate this coming week. Is it possible for me to land a job in Dubai or to anywhere in UAE so long as I have all the documents needed and is the climate of this months still tolerable to be in the streets looking for a job. Please let me know. Any replies or information the soonest will be very much appreciated.

    Thank you and more power to OFW’s.

  315. JS said


    okay ba mag job hunt this year? i’m accountacy graduate,23yrsold.
    plaes reply guys..
    thanks a lot…
    god bless all..

  316. Hello just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i’ve landed on your blog in the last 2 days hunting for completely unrelated things. Spooky or what?

  317. inshasoft said

    Its WonderFul Post, Excellent work, keep it up

  318. DEAR SIR;hi..salamat sa mga nabasa ko about sa mga experience ng bawat isa at sa mga sagot mo at nil sa mga katanungan ng bawat isa.ako ako din ay papunta jan mga april.. at ang tanong ko ay makakakuha ba ako ng trabaho jan ang ex perience ko ay garment at beauty culture di ako kabataan kaya lang gusto kong mag trabaho pa at alam kong kaya ko pa mag tutulong lang skin sa visit visa ko sa tingin nyo po ba makakahanap ako ng work jan? hirap ng buhay dito ang asawa ko ay matagalng may kinakasama at 25 years na akong seperated hirap umasa sa tulong na galin sa kanya. kaya sana sa gurin nyo ang tanong ko makahanap kaya ako ng trabaho jan ako din ay galing ng malaysia at kuwait pero matagal na kasi nag tayo ako ng maliit na bussness dito at di rin sapat ..kaya mag babakasa kali ulit ..at kung may bussness jan mahirap po ba na mag tayo jan ng bussness?sa mga maka basa nito sanay tulungan nyo ko kung may mahahanap ba akong ganitong trabaho .. sala mat samga kababayan natin na may mla lasakit sa tulad nating pilipinodugong pinoy..

  319. Jaime Bernal Jr. said

    Im currently here in Dubai looking for a job as an Accountant:

    Contact information: 056 1409237

    I have over four (4) years experience in Accounting with knowledge in:

    – SAP (report generation)
    – Oracle
    – Netsuite
    – Peachtree
    – DS Accounting
    – Optimist 7

    With excellent knowledge in MS Office Application such as:

    – Excel
    – Word
    – PowerPoint

    Has background in:

    – Accounts Receivables
    – Credit and Collection
    – Cash Maintenance and Monitoring
    – Inventory
    – Financial Analysis
    – Revenue Auditing
    – Purchase Order Processing
    – Budgeting
    – Costing

    * Team Player
    * Goal Oriented
    * Works with less Supervision
    * Commited to deliver excellent service

  320. Henry said

    Hello guys,

    I just wanted to share with you about what really Dubai is,,..//..It is very fantastic and people would think back home that everyone here in Dubai are having all the pleasure and financially stable whilst what I experinced is that very opposite to what they thought about. i have been here in Dubai for 6 years now and been working with around 5 companies already if I ma not mistaken. Now I worked for the government sector and earning around dhs10,000 a month but believe me or not guys, I am totally broke! I haven’t got any savings though I have some businesses running back home and they are not properly handled. It is so difficult really when we start thinking about banks,,…because when u get a huge salary then the bank will tempt u for a bank loan and for a credit cards..so if I were you guys, be happy of what’s within you and be satisfied for what you are earning and don’t and never ever take any bank loans or any credits cards in Dubai because you will end up nothing! Just plainly working for your loans and credit cards.

    But it every trials in ourlives, we never think that it is already the end of the world. If that room that you are in is dark, then open the window so that the sunlight will shine upon that room or open another door maybe that other door is full of bright. We just have to take any chances when we are here in Dubai as long as we never deprive other people’s right and we never put ourselves into the darkness just for money coz money or any material thing in this world is really nothing because when we die, we can not take any of those. the most important thing is our soul as we all know that we are just temporary here in this beautiful planet and sooner or later we will be departed to where we really belong.

    To make the story short, just have jesus christ in our heart and soul and within us because I experienced that whenever we have god in our lives, we will be filled with brightness and happiness. Just ask god to take your wheel as you can’t really drive safely just by yourself. Temptations in Dubai is really high. people here will forget what really is the purpose and why we are here! they should always put this in their minds that we are here for our families,to lift them up from poverty! because what I have observed is that even married here they are having an affear with the other guy and getting into a relationship though they are married back home and they started turning their back from thier families. I just get shock when I met someone though she’s married and have 2 kids but she’s still looking up for any relationship. I just can’t belive this of what was going on here..

    Anyhow, if anyone would like to earn extra income for like dhs10,000 a month or even more. Just leave me a msg or contact me for a free business and health seminar. We can do a household seminar or product demo anywhere in the UAE. I am sharing this to you becuase this helped me a lot to recover from debts to finacial freedom.

    God bless us all.
    050-889 6324 / hlamparas@yahoo.com / henryjr.lamparas@rta.ae

  321. jamahit said

    hi, i am very much interested to work in dubai. I am 34 years old and have more than 10years of experience as accounting supervisor. I am planning to apply for visit visa on September 2010. Please advise. thanks

  322. hi..graduate po aq ng 2years n medical xray technology and laboratory assistant gus2 q poh sana mgapply at pmunta ng dubai para mgwork..panu poh b g2win?qng ano mga requirements?im roseann del;a cruz

  323. chai said

    hi.. pano mag apply visa papuntang UEA? and may trabaho b for licensed caregivers? thanks

  324. get hired.... said

    ask ko lang po mga kababayan… pag b kumuwa ng tourist visa anu process nun? my physical exam din b at ptuwad tuwad din like s mga malls? ska pa nkahanap knb ng work jan mdlai nlang b kumuwa ng working visa? anu process nun? tnx po…

  325. Jojo said

    Hi mga kabayan. Napansin ko lang na parang lahat kayo ay gustong magpunta sa Dubai. Maganda ang Dubai kung ang salary ay nasa range ng 8K pataas. Why not try Saudi Arabia or Qatar. D2 sa KSA, di na rin sila gaanong mahigpit. kung ang bedspacer sa Dubai ay 500 to 800, d2 ay malaking room na yun plus toilet. Well payo ko lang sa mga starters, try nyo muna ang KSA, Qatar or Kuwait kung Middle East ang target nyo. Pag nakakuha na kayo ng magandang experience at competitive na kayo, saka kayo mag try sa Dubai. just my 2 cents….

  326. michelle said

    hi hello im looking for a job for other country like dubai,hongkong and taiwan.im collge undergrad.from bachelor of science Information Technologhy.gusto ko makapagtrabaho kahit factory worker lang please pakisend nyo nalang sa email.add. ko michelle_estonilo29@yahoo.com here my # 09306691020

  327. Shabbir K. said


    Securing a Job in Dubai, whether in Engineering, Nursing or any other career field for that matter, is not as simple as forwarding your resume to ‘n’ number of Recruiting Agencies in Dubai. It IS an important part, however, I suggest a more proactive role if you really want to secure your DREAM Dubai job.

    Here are some other important areas to cover:

    1) Send your Resume to the Human Resources Department of some of the TOP companies in your career field.

    2) Follow some important recruiters on Twitter and Facebook.

    3) Browse some top local “Jobs Available” sections of classified sites & newspapers.

    4) Browse the job vacancy pages of companies and recruiters.

    5) Browse some Dubai Jobs related blogs.

    All this is doable & will surely put you in the lead to secure your Dream Job.

    Hope this helps,
    Shabbir K.
    All The Best. In your Quest.

  328. charlene said

    This is a very inspiring and informative experience….It can help to those people who dream working in abroad…

    God bless this author and may continue to inspired the readers!!God bless u!!!
    Can i ask how about to those person who had a physical disability?Are they have also a chance working in abroad?Even if they have a diploma and credentials to show and have a potentials.Or some countries also descrimanate to those person with disabilities?I will genuily waiting the response to the author and readers..thanks!

  329. this is really informative

  330. carliemelayne said

    hello, i had read your post here.. and i have seen there comments.. i want to go to dubai to to look for a job,… Im a professional teacher here but im not still permanent…graduated since 2003 and up to now im still had no permanent job.. so i decided to go to dubai and take the risk of getting there and find a job.. i just wanna ask is there a possibility for me to get a job there as a teacher? i had yrs. of teaching experiences here,, private and public schools..

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