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Democracy is destroying the Philippines

Posted by Admin on March 18, 2007

Democracy is destroying the Phillipines. Our politicians are unknowingly or ignoring the likelihood that a part of a democratic process is disadvantageous to our country. Politicians are using the election being a legitimate democratic process to gain personal interests.

Imagine the possibility of the following:

· Many Paquiao will win as a congressman against the incumbent Darlene Custodio-Antonino, a young and brave oppositionist who fought until the last seconds of “lutong Macao” impeachment trial of GMA. Imagine Many Paquiao interpolating a law he is sponsoring or depending GMA on another impeachment trial.
· Kiko Pangilinan will secure his second term and will do a “noted” thing again to future impeachment of whomever president.
· Commissioner Garcillano winning a congress seat, the “Hello Garci” composer will become a congressman? Oh my God!
· Dato Arroyo will become a congressman? Perhaps another vote against another impeachment trial. 3 votes from the Arroyos alone, one for Iggy Arroyo, Dato and Mikey.
· Baby Pineda, the alleged wife of a “jueteng Lord” will become a governor of Pampanga, still not a quite good replacement of “quarrying lord” incumbent governor Mark Lapid.
· Lito Lapid will become Mayor of Makati, he will show his pistol tricks to big time businessmen.
· Chavit Singson will win as senator along with the actor of his life’s movie Cesar
· Jovito Palparan, accused human rights violator, will become a congressman.
· A big possibility that the senate sessions will be transferred to Cultural Center of the Philippines because majority of the members are inclined in showbiz.

Jinggoy Estrada – actror
Lito Lapid – actor
Bong Revilla – actor

Nikki Coseteng – Erap’s leading lady
Tito Sotto – comedian
Kiko Pangilinan – husband of Sharon Cuneta
Ralf Recto – husband of Vilma Santos
Richard Gomez – actor
Cesar Montano – actor
Victor Wood – singer
Noynoy Aquino – sister of actress Kris Aquino

Imagine if these candidates win and will work together with the incumbent fellows in the entertainment industry? How about Noli de Castro as their president or FPJ if all goes well?

Did anybody try to pass a law that requires a senatorial candidate be nominated by an independent body in order to become a n official candidate? If not 12 at least 6 will be nominated representing different sectors like finance and economy, urban poor and farmers, OFWs, education, health and national security. In this system it is rest assured that important sectors are well represented. We need leaders whose style is like a corporate CEO, a religious pontiff, or one with iron hand. How about the COMELEC setting qualification criteria for candidates?



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