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Agricultural workers needed in US

Posted by Admin on March 24, 2007

Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Chairman Carlito Puno today disclosed that the United States of America (USA) is in need of 5,000
agricultural workers to tend their farms.

Puno said they have already tapped some of the licensed recruitment agencies to conduct the pooling and possible recruitment of agricultural workers who could be sent to the US.

Once hired, each of the workers will have a 10-month working contract which may be renewed upon its expiration, Secretary Puno said.

He added that fresh graduates in any of the agricultural courses are qualified to avail of the recruitment program. Earlier graduates and those with farm experiences are also qualified to avail of the opportunity to work abroad.

He said CHED has tasked each of about 50 universities and colleges nationwide to select 40 graduating agriculture students each for possible employment in the United States.

He said the hiring of agricultural workers by USA will help boost the employment program of President Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo.(PNA)

from : balita.ph


3 Responses to “Agricultural workers needed in US”

  1. sd said


  2. Ranjan Dissanayaka said

    please send any information about the Agricultural Jobs in USA.

  3. Administrator said

    Mr. Rajan,

    You can inquire in your home country’s Agriculture Department or government body regulating the jobs placement outside Sri Lanka.

    The news is for Philippine agriculture college students and present agriculturists but maybe there is also a request in your country of agriculture workers from US.

    Make an inquiry to your government.

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