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OFWs, Beware of these 5 countries

Posted by Admin on March 26, 2007

The Philippine Overseas Emplyment Administration (POEA) warned applicants to be cautious in applying overseas jobs in countries such as Norway, Canada, Northern Marianas, South Korea and China.
No demand for nurses in Norway
Aspiring and current overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), especially nurses, are warned by the POEA that there are no job offers for nurses in Norway. This was proven by the POEA when the Philippine Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden reported that there is no present demand for professional nurses, foreign or local, in Norway.
The Director Per Haugum of the Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel, replied to the Philippine embassy’s request for verification, said he was not aware of any demand for nurses in Norway.
Thus, the POEA denied the request of the Professional Management AS, a company registered in Oslo, Norway, for accreditation with Reliable Recruitment Corporation to supply them with Filipino Nurses.
The POEA Administrator Rosalinda Baldoz also advised OFWs in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and South Korea to go back to the country first before processing their application for caregiving jobs in Canada.

“Recruitment activities done outside our territorial jurisdiction are not covered by Philippine laws on recruitment so I advise applicants to be careful in dealing with these foreign placement agencies,” she said.  

She added that the agency offering this service, the Canadian Career Caregiving Services, is not accredited with the POEA or any local recruiter.
Crackdown for overstaying foreign workers in Northern Mariana
The Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) warned OFWs looking for a job in Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), a United States territory in the Western Pacific, without acquisition of proper documents.
The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Saipan, reported that the Department of Labor of CNMI recently published a list of non-resident workers who are staying illegally in the territory and they are facing deportation.
There are 1,000 names of foreign workers included in the list, some of them has expired contracts while others are those who failed to find with the 45-day transfer period and yet continued to remain in the CNMI.
Before leaving, make sure you’re holding the proper visa
The POEA keep on advising Filipino workers to hold proper visa when planning to land a job abroad. Holding a visit visa when working abroad has never been legal although this is the fast and easy way to leave the country.
Many has been lured to work abroad using visit visa but ended nothing to pay debts they spend during the processing of their documents. This happened to a 23-year-old education graduate who paid an illegal recruiter P200,000 to facilitate his employment as an English teacher in Beijing, China.  
The unnamed victim arrived in China holding a six-month business visa. He later found out that the job offer does not exist and there was really no job waiting for him. Luckily, he got a job in a secondary school in Inner Mongolia and he earned about US$600 a month. Unfortunately, the authorities raid the school for it does not hold a license to hire foreign teachers. He was jailed and fined because it turned out that his visa was fake. Through the negotiation of Philippine Embassy his jail term was reduced but he was deported back to the Philippines.
No more trainee visas for Korea

The Korean Government has stopped issuing the trainee visas and abolished its Alien Industrial Trainee System. Thus, OFWs who wants to secure job in Korea should apply through the Employment Permit System (EPS) under the POEA.
The POEA is the only authorized agency to implement the EPS in the Philippines. Korea is no longer accepting OFWs who applied through private agency, instead, only those OFWs who apply through the EPS.
The POEA Administrator, Rosalinda Baldoz, advised OFWs holding trainee visa to return home upon the expiration of their contract and re-apply though the EPS.

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Maria Theresa S. Samante
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