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Dubai taxi drivers are the most inhospitable

Posted by Admin on April 4, 2007

Here is a letter from a friend of mine about his experience in Dubai…

Dear Pare,

I’ve been to Manila, Hongkong, Singapore, Jeddah, Kuwait and Manama but of all the cities I’ve been before, Dubai taxi drivers are the rudest. Not only sometimes but almost all the time they are showing impolite manners to passengers.

I heared so many stories about ill-mannered Dubai cab drivers. There are some harrasing ladies, some don’t know the policy of “the customer is always right” because they tend to be disrespecful to passengers. They think that they are more superior then their passengers and they feel that you owe them a lot if you are going to ride in their cab.

It’s also realy disgusting because of the foul smells and untidy interiors of the cab.

One specific example was last night at around 8 pm I’m aboard a Dubai Taxi cab with plate number 25030, on our way going to Karama while on Makhtoum bridge the driver put his right hand on my private parts and started caressing it while saying “Filipino dick is hard pare”. I told him stop and stare at him angrily, and he stopped.

To all your kabayan readers please be careful to stupid Dubai cab drivers because they are the most inhospitable in the world.


Erap Estrada

I hope Dubai Roads and Transport Authority will give more training on cab drivers, specially on being hospitable, tidy and respectful because tourism now is the bread and butter of Dubai.


One Response to “Dubai taxi drivers are the most inhospitable”

  1. E Akino said

    Not only in Dubai can you find this kind of taxi/limousine drivers. Here in Riyadh, drivers are also bad smelling and arrogant(not all though). They also think that all Filibini/Filipinos are gay (they want to sodomize). I think they are related to the people from Sodom and Gomorrah.

    To Pinoy here in Saudi (i don’t know about other Middle East country) be careful to wear light colored shirts like yellow, orange, green and red or they’ll start waving at you and worst they’ll stop to ask you to ride in their cars. Other will throw things at you.

    Very stupid people…4 wifes is not enough…they still want ladyboy/gay ass.

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