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NOC not needed for changing sponsor if contract completed

Posted by Admin on December 2, 2007

By Ahmed Abdul Aziz
Posted in Khaleej Times Online 27 November 2007

ABU DHABI — Workers who have completed their contracts with their current employers need not furnish NOCs (No Objection Certificates) for change of sponsorship, a senior official has said.

Obaid Rashid Al Zahmi, assistant under-secretary of the Ministry of Labour (MoL), said that a worker who had signed a limited contract (of three years for example), and completed the same, can get the sponsorship transferred without needing to furnish an NOC from the current employer.

Talking to Khaleej Times yesterday, Al Zahmi said many workers, including professionals, had complained that their sponsors were not ready to give them NOCs despite they having completed their contracts.

Al Zahmi said, “The employer has no right to complain and should not look to get a six-month or one–year ban imposed on the workers if they want to work for a different sponsor in the country after having completed their present contracts.”

The official noted that in case of unlimited contracts, a worker could get the sponsorship transferred before completing one year. “However, if it (sponsorship transfer) causes loss to the employer/sponsor, they have the right to demand a six-month work ban on the workers,” he added.

As per the labour law, workers have to provide NOCs of their current sponsors if they want to change sponsorship before completing their limited contracts.

Al Zahmi also said that employers/sponsors had no right to demand six-month ban on their workers without valid reasons.

Al Zahmi said any worker can come to the MoL on the ‘Open Day’ on Mondays to submit their queries if they had any problems. He said the workers could also call the ministry on the toll free number 800665.


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