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Press Releases Phil. Embassy-Riyadh

Posted by Admin on August 21, 2008


2 Responses to “Press Releases Phil. Embassy-Riyadh”

  1. hi, hello.. my name is guenther klapka.
    can you help me where i find my original live of birth.
    i born in ABDULAA FOUAD HOSPITAL, DAMMAM, Saudi Arabia..
    i have only notification of birth…
    thank you..

  2. Attn: philippine Embassy

    I Feliciano B. Tuamle II working in Timco-Tamimi trading and cont. co. ltd. for almost 11 years having a problem of how do i get a married contract for my fiance in kuwait and who would do the needful assistance to get the contract in legal.
    I want to know how to do it and please do reply so i can start processing the papers and documents, thanks and regards,

    Feliciano B. Tumale II
    senior store keeper
    timco tamimi trading and cont. co ltd.
    dammam k.s.a.
    tel#: 838-0086
    fax#: 838-1076

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