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Dubai official clears confusion over visa runs to Kish and Oman

Posted by Admin on August 21, 2008

By Anjana Sankar, Senior Reporter
Published: August 19, 2008, 23:32

Dubai: The Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD) will not stop people from exiting to any neighbouring country for visa change, the top official has clarified.

Major General Mohammad Al Merri, Director General of DNRD said nobody is banned from travelling to neighbouring areas like Kish in Iran or Oman to change their visas.

“We have never stopped people from exiting to any country of their choice to get their visas changed or renewed,” said Al Merri.

Business as usual

The clarification came in the wake of confusion among residents on rules pertaining to visa changes as the authorities had banned visa run to neighbouring countries a few months ago. However, tour operators and airlines said it is business as usual for them as people continue to travel to Kish island in Iran and Oman to change their visas or renew their visit visas.

In that context, Al Merri said they prefer people go to their home country while awaiting for their employment visa so that they do not get stranded in a strange country.

“If he goes to a neighbouring country, what will happen to him if the visa gets delayed and the employer does not send the visa? It is to avoid such situations, we are encouraging people to go to their home countries,” explained Al Merri.

On the question of changing a visit visa to employment visa without exiting the country, he said that people can do so by paying a fee. “Again, we will consider it on a case by case basis. We do let people change their visa status without exiting the country in order to help them avoid difficulties” he said.

When asked whether people who come on tourist and other kinds of visas will be allowed to apply for employment visas, Al Merri said it is against the rule for a tourist to work in the country.

“If anybody gets a job and applies for an employment visa, we will study the case, and then decide whether to approve his application or not,” he said.

Quick look: Often asked questions

Q Is it compulsory to exit to one’s home country to change visit visa into employment visa or take a new visit visa?
A No. One can exit to any country of his choice to do both.

Q Can visit visa be changed into employment visa by paying a fee and not going out of the country?
A Yes, it is possible.

Q Can people who come on tourist visas get it changed to employment visa?
A Applications will be approved on a case-to-case bases. As a general rule, it is not possible for tourists to apply for employment visas.

Q Can residents bring in their relatives on tourists visa?
A No, Only licensed tour agencies and hotels can bring in people on tourists visas.

By Anjana Sankar, Senior Reporter

Dubai: Residents can take health insurance for visitors from any insurance company, provided the policy meets the official specifications, said a senior official.

The Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department specifies that the health policy should cover accidents and emergencies during visitor’s stay in the country.

Oman and Aman Insurance, the two companies selected by DNRD to issue health policies have opened counters at DNRD office, and together are issuing about 300 health policies daily.

The two companies have been selected by DNRD following the new visa rules that make health insurance mandatory for all visitors to the UAE.

Staff at the insurance counters said the process is very smooth as majority of the people applying for visit visas for their relatives are buying the basic policy that cost Dh90 for 90 days.

“Today alone, we issued 150 policies by 12pm. People are also finding it easy because they can buy insurance over the counter within DNRD” said an Oman Insurance employee.

Three different types of health policies are available for visitors according to their visiting periods. Prices start from Dh40 for short-term visas valid for 30 days, Dh90 for visas valid for 90 days and Dh185 for multiple-entry visas valid for 180 days. Residents who were applying for visit visas said it was a hassle-free process to take insurance because policies are available over the counters at the DNRD offices.

Insurance counters are also be set up at the DNRD’s branches located in Abu Hail, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Airport, Dnata passports on Shaikh Zayed Road, Umm Suqueim, Jebel Ali and Bin Souqat Centre in Rashidiya.

Aman Insurance said in a statement that they will provide this facility on line to all their major clients at their own premises without any need to call Aman every time they need insurance for their visas.

“Since the announcement making health insurance mandatory for visa applicants, Aman has already issued thousands of insurance certificates to hotels, tour operators, travel agents and major corporate clients and individuals alike. In due course, this facility will be extended to the entire tourism industry,” said the statement.

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